Montevideo, vidimo se!

Montevideo, vidimo se!

A football team from Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia, gets a chance to go to the First World Football Championship, but things get complicated along the way.

A football team from Belgrade, former Republic of Yugoslavia gets a chance to go to the First World Football Championship, but things get complicated along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Montevideo, vidimo se! torrent reviews

Arthur L (ag) wrote: Not bad. Just be prepared for a LOT of crude humour.

Raymond W (br) wrote: The directorial debut of Jordan Scott, the daughter of Ridley Scott is Cracks, a film about an all-girls boarding school and the elite students part of the diving team under the direction of Miss G. It is so much fun to watch Eva Green ride that teacher off the rails, that it's almost the one reason to see this film. The film is otherwise a formless, abstract, mostly well-acted, atmospheric and sometimes boring first film for Jordan Scott.

Walter M (gb) wrote: "Waking Sleeping Beauty" is a breezy backstage look at the reemergence of the formerly moribund Disney animation studios, starting in 1984 with the hiring of Michael Eisner and Frank Wells to run the company, with Eisner bringing in Jeffrey Katzenberg. It had been decades since Disney was tops in animation and "The Black Cauldron," the first production under the new regime, was less than successful. So much so, at one point, that it looked like the animation division was going to be shut down, so the animators staged their own version of "Apocalypse Now." But then Disney went on a winning streak starting with "The Little Mermaid" which led to "Beauty and the Beast" which led to "Aladdin" and finally "The Lion King." Even with all the glitz and glamor, "Waking Sleeping Beauty" rightfully concentrates on all the hard work it took to get there.(How anybody could concentrate on drawing with a live lion in the room is beyond me.) But I disagree with the assertion that the above films made it cooler for adult audiences to like animated films. That would come later with the rise of Pixar. In fact, a lot of this entertaining and insightful documentary feels like prologue, and not just because a young Tim Burton is photographed at a drawing desk.

Nick A (gb) wrote: Average in every possible way, or just another way of saying high school is a war zone. The acting is good though, with teenagers that make it look all natural. Also the ending is not as predictable as could be expected, so you can count this on the plus points.

Bobby L (us) wrote: A future techno-noir set in Paris about memory erasing and identity this movie has a very dark color palette, all dark blues, grays, and blacks, which helps the mood and atmosphere, even when the movie hits some cliches and obvious foreshawdowing. Overall, good, solid, and interesting, if not too original.

Dan H (gb) wrote: Admittedly the film could have done more with it's cool plot. I dug the set design, but didn't really buy some of Van Damme's stunt work (too many leg-splits, just looked silly. Way too gymnastic). Van Damme isn't too good with one-liners, but he is still a charming and charismatic lead and Ron Silver makes for a decent villain. In the end, The film is fun but the time-travel element isn't as well portrayed as it is in other films and the science of the thing is kind of left on the floor (there should be a million Van Dammes and Silver's running around by the end of the film according to basic time travel logic). It's a good action film , and it's a decent time-travel thriller although there are better films in both categories than this.

bill s (au) wrote: The cast enjoyed itself and it transfers on to the viewer in this midlife crisis fish out of water comedy.

Lucas M (us) wrote: Candleshoe, is an unforgettable Disney classic from my childhood, with a likable cast, just like the screenplay that bring inspiration of pirates and modern thiefs. Great comedy to all family and lovers of this classic, the only problem of Candleshoe it's the romantic vision of upper class. Fresh.

Patti H (ag) wrote: my all time favorite.

Cheryl L (mx) wrote: A bit slow in places but a really good film otherwise with a great message behind it.