Four Mental patients escape from a mental hospital and go on an adventure.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1991
  • Language:Malayalam
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Four Mental patients escape from a mental hospital and go on an adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason V (es) wrote: Beautiful!Some beautiful images.Shot in amazing landscapes of Siberia, full of mountains, hills, plains green with wonderful woods at the beginning, all this turning white for the main part of the movie.Those landscapes under snow, during tempests, on the ice... and superb adventure.Shot with temperatures around - 50 C (- 58F) during weeks... ouch!I love this kind of movies (adventures in the wild dangerous, lethal nature), but I mostly go to see it cause the wolf is my fav animal since ever.So, about those facts (animals, landscapes, adventure), I'm not at all disappointed.It makes me wanna more (which I dream since ages) to live in the Great North, in an isolated trapper's hut in the woods, tens of miles away to any human presence.But why 3,5 and not more then, you may wonder!?Cause the history is interesting, but the script isn't great. It's a bit too common, not original enough, + there are some incoherences, like the fact the babies wolf grow up in a few days like they should've in weeks, or the fact the adult wolves never try to attack the hero, even when he play with their kids, and also the fact those babies aren't wild at all, and let him caress them waaayyy too fast to be credible.Strange, coming from a director who's a specialist of those areas, people, nature. A man who lived so many trips in the Great North.Otherways, the actors aren't professional, and don't play really good.So, that explain my rating.But I anyways really recommand it to the nature, snow, wolves, wild life... lovers!

Christina R (nl) wrote: I thought it was really cute and had some good litte funny scenes!

Sontha R (br) wrote: Visually engaging, quick and many neat scenes, acting very believable, wild imaginative twists and touches.....real fun stuff and a teensy message about relationships in there somewhere i believe

Paul D (ca) wrote: Bernie Mac plays this perfectly and there's a few good comedy moments, but it is also so easy to get the sincerity of sports movies wrong, but this is not one of them and the ballpark scenes work well.

Susan B (ca) wrote: made me very very saaaad

Terry M (fr) wrote: Fischer declared this "The best movie ever!" and it was met with uproarious laughter. Aside from a few scenes which were grossly inappropriate it was pretty funny and fairly tame and occasionally gave them a few age appropriate scares. Some Halloween fun. They laughed and screamed so loud I was glad it was Saturday night because otherwise I would have been afraid we were waking up the neighbors. ????????????

Christopher L (au) wrote: Strange and uncomfortable film with some light laughs and a completely ridiculous plot. Still, it's worth it, I suppose.

Johnny T (ag) wrote: This is a quite lesser-known John Hughes movie. And in a lot of ways, it's just a rehash of better movies of his-think Home Alone meets Planes Trains and Automobiles meets Uncle Buck. I wish I'd seen it when I was a kid, but unfortunately I only heard of its existence a couple years ago. It still resonated with me as an adult though. The dumb, lazy slapstick towards the beginning might make you want to turn it off, but stick with it. There are some genuinely funny and deeply touching moments throughout, once you get over that first hump. And Ed O'Neill is, of course, pitch-perfect. As is typical of Hughes, the emotions are heavily manipulated and the scenes pander to the audience, but the performances lift them above the clich and the emotions seem earned. The journey along the road provides some excellent scenery, as they pass through the Southern mountains and make their way to the upper Midwest, showcasing scenery that Hollywood often ignores. The film is uneven in parts, but the characters are enjoyable enough to forgive this. In the end, Dutch is a movie that was somewhat ignored in its time; just another John Hughes film, with the same gags. This is probably due to the less than stellar marketing, which tried to make O'Neil's Dutch look more like Al Bundy. It's a shame, as the film deserved better. The film provides quite a few moments of fun and pathos for audiences who appreciate sophisticated family fare.VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film. (Films that are rated 2.5 or 3 stars)

Jack W (mx) wrote: Despite the occasional flat acting, Flight of the Navigator contains great visuals, an intriguing story and great sound effects to make it an 80's/Disney/Sci-Fi must see.

Niina D (jp) wrote: Mahtavien aksenttejen paraati

Walter M (nl) wrote: "Lightning over Water" is an intriguing documentary/fiction hybrid that begins with a jetlagged Wim Wenders arriving in New York to help his friend and hero Nicholas Ray complete one last film before he succumbs to lung cancer which he is in the painful final stages of. So while those preparations are being made, occasionally a handheld Super 8 camera is used to show the film crew working behind the scenes. While digressive at times, especially one sequence involving rehearsals for a Chekhov play, "Lightning over Water" has some very good thoughts on the subject of mortality and how truly inescapable it is. Not only that but the movie is also concerned with the changes that go along with the passage of time like when Ray and his crew travel to Vassar, now co-ed, to screen one of his old films. Plus, we are also treated to a neat view of bygone New York City, circa 1979.

Sa W (gb) wrote: this movie's greatest sin is being so far ahead of its time. Were this released in the culture of 2007 rather than the days of 1997 when it was, it would be considered a cutting edge, innovative film in the vein of Crash (of which this film, to me, far outshines by comparison). A sneaky good film that's a great watch and certainly makes you think in light of current day events. watch it.

Alex W (it) wrote: Spalding is an interesting guy but this movie didn't make we want to run out and see him (if i could). I does impress me when someone can just stand in front of a crowd thats not necessarily a comic and hold there attention with a story. He has a calm voice and presence that draws you in and makes him sympathetic.