Moomins and the Comet Chase

Moomins and the Comet Chase

One day Moomintroll wakes to notice that grey dust is covering everything in the Moominvalley. He runs to ask the philosophical Muskrat if he knows what is happening, who advises him that things tend to look like this before an awful fate coming from the sky hits the Earth. With the help of his father, Moominpappa, Moomintroll and his close friends Sniff and Snufkin build a raft and head out on a challenging journey to the observatory in the Lonely Mountains hoping to find out more from the wise professors there. The friends have to overcome several adversities in order to make it there. When they arrive, they find the professors deep in calculations. They reveal that a comet will reach the Earth in four days, four hours, four minutes and 44 seconds.

One day Moomintroll notices that something strange has happened in the Moomin Valley - everything is grey; not just the sky and the river, but the trees, the ground, the Moominhouse, too! ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (ru) wrote: This is not quite passable as it isn't very deep or interesting. You know straight from the beginning who the psycho is, so there is no suspense or mystery. I love Quaid, but he didn't fit this role at all. The young actors were not very good or convincing. This movie makes small town police look like hicks who wouldn't know their elbows from a tennis racket. Skip this one.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Refreshing style out of India, but the content requires a bit of polishing.

Colin O (ca) wrote: From Justin Kerrigan, the director of Human Traffic, this is the story of a young boy who is constantly being moved around by his single father. Is his father a spy or is there a simpler explanation for his strange and erratic behaviour? Human Traffic was 11 years ago, and Justin Kerrigan has been awfully quiet since, so it's a shame he didn't make his big comeback with a better film. Apparently this is based on his relationship with his own father, and the relationship here is sweet if rather dysfunctional. But unfortunately the film doesn't know if it wants to be a gangster thriller or family drama, and it doesn't show either side convincingly. An average film let down by a horrendously over dramatic film score.

Teemu L (br) wrote: Sarjakuvaa taas elokuvaksi. Sarjakuva ei ole tuttu, joskus Turun Sanomissa olen vilkuillut synkn nkist sarjaa, mutta ikin en ole uskaltanut lukea. Varsinkin kun naishahmot ovat olleet varsin nyttvi. En siis kuulunut leffan kohdepiiriin. Leffan tarina ei kiinnostanut. Leffan kehyskertomus ei kiinnostanut. Leffan naisposa ei kiinnostanut. Leffa oli onneksi sopivan lyhyt nykyleffaksi, vain 1h20min.

Matthew B (au) wrote: Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, get ready for a film that took home 7 Razzie awards including Worst Film and Worst Director. It' also a movie that almost ruined everybody's career. So put your arms together for the wickedly crappy and the one and only Showgirls. (????)??The story is about a mysterious young drifter enters Las Vegas with the hopes of becoming a dancer. After working at the seedy Cheetah Club, a chance meeting leads her to audition for the Goddess production at the Stardust Casino. She soon learns that this new, glamorous world comes with its own set of rules and pitfalls.What shocks me is when good and decent directors making the absolutely horrifically bad movie, and this has happen before but it always keeps surprises me how good director who made good movie that has dropped so down low. Paul Verhorven is a director who in my opinion makes enjoyable guilty pleasure movies that you will be a idiot to take them seriously, but Showgirls may have been the biggest down fall from Paul Verhorven.The directing in this movie has to be the most dullest and the most uninspiring directing and that was hard for me to say that because this guy is a great director and he has made good movies before, but this movie takes his talent and throws it out of the window. The acting and the character's in the movie wasn't really all that well done, I didn't really buy into they characters because none of the actors give nothing with they performance and that's why in some scenes where a big drama happened and it didn't work because the actors give a lifeless performance that I didn't give a shit about.The writing in this movie has to be one of the worst writing I've seen since...well every bad movie with bad writing. Dialogue like, "I liked the way you came". or "Dancing ain't fucking". Awful just awful writing.For positives I don't have much to say and normally I go in full detail of everything, if a movies good I got a lot to say, but if a movies bad then I got the right things to say, but with this movie it's nothing really when you think about it. This movie doesn't give me anything to say or to go in long sentence of why it's good or bad, the movie overall is just nothing, end of story.

Kivan D (nl) wrote: music is awesomeimagery is good.but the rest is not so know the story and you can predict what is to come next

Joe R (mx) wrote: A film with great characters with a script that gives them not much to do.

Ashley C (au) wrote: Always nice to see strict wives who aren't just two-dimensional harridans but who have legitimate reasons for their shrewishness. A number of the gags in this morality play have been rehashed over the past 75 years, but for the most part it all still felt fresh, largely due to Seiter's sharp direction - the slapstick was faster paced and better timed than in a number of the L&H shorts with different directors that I've seen over the last few days. A good way to close out the festival.(and thank you, Flixter, for eating this review and making me retype it from memory)

Barbara G (fr) wrote: What a superficial film. I'll give it 1 1/2 stars though for some twists I didn't see coming. The ending was terrible tho!

Josh H (ca) wrote: Certainly an interesting movie, a fascinating "what if" -- but I feel that while the movie does a pretty good job of showing Hitler as a human being, it almost makes him a little TOO sympathetic. While it was a topic I was certainly interested in exploring, I was left a tad disappointed.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Looks like it could be a good movie, will keep my eyes peeled.