Moon Dream

Moon Dream

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Private U (br) wrote: good but the series is better

horse c (jp) wrote: A Touching Story About Finding Love

Barry P (au) wrote: Lock, stock and devoid of the cleverness and wit.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jackie M (kr) wrote: an interesting look at the occupation of france by the germans. i think a picture that's very rarily shown. the dialect coach for this movie failed miserably so you got to get past that the french and the scottish all sound british. not blanchette's best performance but she did well with what she had.

Karoline (mx) wrote: Emily Watson and Rachel Griffiths are wonderfull.

Nichalia S (au) wrote: Hahaha... a younger Colin Firth, and a bunch of goobery sports kids? Awesome.

Craig B (es) wrote: Excellent - at any Price!

Alex S (ca) wrote: Robert Altman's 3 Women smoothly integrates many different genres to make for a riveting psychological study as well as an experience much different from the rest of Altman's canon.

al d (kr) wrote: The best attempt to make a movie without a plot. A Frankestinish Mickey Rourke and nice scenery of Indonesia.

Logan M (ru) wrote: The emotionless acting and senseless plot are justifiable reasons to hate it, but "Mortal Kombat" has enough energy and visuals to earn itself a spot on the shelf as a delightful guilty pleasure.

Alexander D (ru) wrote: This is supposed to be terrible, but I saw the first one, and I liked it.