Moon Over Parador

Moon Over Parador

Little known actor, Jack Noah, is working on location in the dictatorship of Parador at the time the dictator dies. The dictator's right hand man, Roberto, makes Jack an offer he cannot refuse.. to play the dictator. Jack's acting skills fool the masses but not close friends and employees of the dictator.

Little known actor, Jack Noah, is working on location in the dictatorship of Parador at the time the dictator dies. The dictator's right hand man, Roberto, makes Jack an offer he cannot ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (au) wrote: Almost unwatchable! Got the extra half star for the scenery

Wrik S (br) wrote: A good bunch of folks, put together by a horrible screenplay, and an even worse acting display..

Christian W (es) wrote: It was alright, kinda clever. Some of the most screwed up and uncommon relationships i have ever seen

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: He's got a funny face and a funny delivery, which elevates a lot of his weaker material. There aren't many alcoholic redneck intellectuals out there on the circuit, and White's schtick is fresh and welcome, at least initially, before you watch some of his other specials and realize he doesn't have a wealth of material at his disposal and wantonly rehashes bits. Hopefully he's working on more stuff, but until then, this is probably his most consistent set.

Deborah W (it) wrote: okay movie. great though.

Private U (it) wrote: this has some of the most aggy vamps i've seen :D its worth a look

Larry R (ru) wrote: I have been waiting to find a movie to write about that finally caught my eye as being really special and unique. "Pure" is just that movie and more. The premise of the film is the story of a 10 year old english child who cares for his heroine addicted mother, and unknowingly even helps shoot up her "medication" for her. When the child finally starts realizing the mother he loves so much is a junkie and how much he has been supporting her addiction, his and the lives of his family are turned upside down in an instant. As the family struggles with the mothers addiction, can they reclaim the love and bond they had before?This a British/foreign flick that was directed by Gillies MacKinnon. I havent seen any of his other films but he does a tremendous job with this one. He captures the raw emotional presence in this film perfectly. It stars Harry Eden as Paul, the 10 yr old boy. Molly Parker as Mel the addictive mother, David Wenham (Faramir in the LOTR films) as Lenny the drug dealer, and Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean, Atonment) as Louise, a waitress who befriends Paul with a troubled past of her own. Eden for a young child does an amazing performance in this film, he carrries the film squarely on his shoulders the entire time. Parker and Knightley have great performances as well but its obvious who the real star of the film was and thats Harry Eden. This film leaves such a powerful message on the viewer its hard not to feel the strength of the love between mother and son in this movie. It can get very dark at times and even throw some shocking moments at you as well. This is a must see for most people, if not more so to people who have dealt with this same problem as this may be the one film that can truly grasp the negativity and power drugs have on people and their familes. One side note that I want to add is the very unusual but unique musical score the film has, at times its almost like the movie is mocking itself but trying to add the presence of how the story might be told through a child's eyes.

Jailyn (es) wrote: i love this movie soo much i have seen it more than 5 times

Canti C (ru) wrote: Excellent work of Sci-fi. It opens more questions that it answers and opens room for deep debate. A must watch if youre into sci-horror kind of movies

Jessina V (nl) wrote: I got this one added to the site I love it so much, a tale of hardship, love and freedom!

Alec H (mx) wrote: While it certainly falls prey to many Sci-Fi and young-adult fiction clichs, I Am Number Four is a perfectly entertaining action movie that really deserves more credit than it receives. If you are bothered by plot holes, that is simply because they didn't have time to explain everything in the movie - reading the books clears many things up

Dan S (es) wrote: Beautifully shot film featuring wonderfully subtle performances by a great cast and an engaging storyline. First time feature director Frank Hall Green nails it with this gorgeous and suspenseful movie. Independent film at its best. Saw it at the Atlanta Film fest and looking forward to seeing it again in commercial release.