set in the eighteenth century, the film is about John Mohune, a young orphan, played by Jon Whiteley, who is sent to the Dorset village of Moonfleet to stay with an old friend of his mother's, Jeremy Fox. Fox, played by Stewart Granger, is a morally ambiguous character, an elegant gentleman involved with smugglers and pirates.

Moonfleet is set in Dorset, England. The Fleet refers to the land just west of Portland, Southern England. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moonfleet torrent reviews

Alshe D (it) wrote: Yeaakk! Historical Confused Movie. Hate it.

Ernest C (au) wrote: Simple executed, this tender film paces deliberately itself to be wryly amusing, soberly reflective, and ultimately warmly affectionate.

Mark N (es) wrote: Cripplingly low budget, amateurish acting and extremely hit-n-miss CG.A fun idea and a smidged above student film level there is a decent movie here if you weren't taken out of it by the general lack of quality control and an uneven tone that at first spikes the mild horror with humour then seems to want to be a comedy and then hard horror. A one time late night tv watch kinda movie.

Damian L (ca) wrote: I was shocked at how good it was, Rocky should of been left alone at number 4 but this proved that theory wrong!

Bill M (ca) wrote: Bruce Campbell is god!.... simple as. It may be the weakest of the Evil Dead trilogy, and you could certainly say it somewhat tries a little bit too hard, but Army Of Darkness is an insane amount of fun, it caps off in style possibly the most diverse (and outside of the back to the future/indiana jones and lord of the rings trilogy, the most consistent) trilogy of films ever, each one was radically different to the last, the first being a grungy, nasty masterpiece of hardcore gory darkness laced with black, black humor, the second (and absolute) best a sort of remake of the first, and an outright live action cartoon, Evil Dead 2 is an explosion of ferocious insanity, hilarity and demented invention, and Army is a python-esque medieval, action adventure, fantasy, comedy epic. It's ragged, overblown and sometimes slapdash but just utterly fucking joyful. The directors cut on US blu ray is the only version you or anyone should be watching, that this movie took THIS long to be seen in all it's glory is mad, you get more battle, more glorious gags and the entire unbutchered sequence of ASh being attacked by mini versions of himself, the full version of this scene is a sublime extended bit of insanely silly slapstick and highlights the comedic genius of Bruce Campbell, in not sure there is a better psychical comedian in the last 30 years. This is also the full Ash, the truly complete character we came to know and love, brash, macho, stupid, clumsy, disastrously incompetent at times and when it comes down to it, an outright badass of an action hero, it's like the three movies gradually assemble this character into who we now think he always was from the start (in the first film he's basically a complete little weed who nuts up and becomes the final guy) and the film is packed full of madcap cartoon nuttiness and crazy action and effects, plus an hilariously bleak ending. This movie is always a true pleasure to watch. Massively quotable too, "give me some sugar baby" and for the cheap seats, "this is my BOOM STICK"! brilliant.

Scot C (gb) wrote: "When somebody shoot you in the head it make you think"I last saw this film when i was 10 and remembered it ever since, that's how good it is. This is an absolute gem of a movie that stands the test of time. Comedies that come out of the 80's and early 90's have something special about them. Kevin Kline is hilarious and perfect as this character. Inspired by a true story and worth making into a dark comedy film that in my opinion has turned out to be a classic. It is well cast, and the humour cleverly brought across. Rent it, buy it, watch it!

David G (jp) wrote: Typical 80's movie. Still good though. Doesn't have that feeling of cheap movie anywhere throughout it.

Wes K (us) wrote: After a slow first hour, the film begins to get interesting. The structure feels as though it stops and starts throughout, with several dead end plot points or unresolved plants. The acting by all principals was decent, most notably Judd Hirsch's portrayal of the ruthless, immoral Gypsy father.

Bewitched M (us) wrote: 1.(Toyo-o) "Toyo-o, the third child, was a handsome youth with a predilection for learning and cultural pursuits"How can Will Ferrell play my character? Turning my character from an intellectual being, to an array of comedy is just pathetic. First of all, I'm way better looking than Mr. Ferrell. Secondly, what makes anyone think they can reenact my real life struggles into a movie. I have struggled my whole life to find satisfaction. The comedic tone is very hurtful and upsetting.

EWC o (it) wrote: It's impossible to review a movie like this, so I'll just give it halfway. Gleefully violent, but so ham fisted you can neither recommend nor renounce.

John N (es) wrote: Nicely filmed but over orchestrated. Somehow unsatisfactory despite a strong story and reasonable acting.