Moonlight Express

Moonlight Express

On the eve of her Japanese wedding, Hitomi (Takako Tokiwa) loses her fiance, Tatsuya, to a car accident. She travels to Hong Kong seeking solace and meets undercover cop Karbo -- a dead ringer for Tatsuya. The duo is forced to take it on the lam when a corrupt colleague frames Karbo, and Hitomi soon finds herself torn between her love for Tatsuya and her blossoming feelings for her fellow fugitive. Leslie Cheung plays Tatsuya and Karbo.

A Japanese woman named Hitomi who lost her fiancé in a car crash meets a Chinese man named Karbo who looks exactly like him who himself is on the run from the police after being framed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack N (us) wrote: This is in my Top 3 favourites. The funny thing is that when I first heard about it from a friend at school I wasn't told it was a LEGO movie but I still got excited. When I saw the movie, I thought that the LEGO seemed even better. I don't have the DVD but I saw it at my friend's house. I really want to get the DVD though.

Tonya V (us) wrote: Not bad. Just a watchable story about a band getting together and falling apart

Dustin R (ag) wrote: An interesting taste of a very different culture if nothing else. Not for the intolerant or those afraid of questioning their preconceived notions about the importance of a vicious society to maintain order.

Tanina S (au) wrote: one of those little charming films that i love to watch.

Arthuro M (de) wrote: Visiblement un film budget serr, Animal Factory doit autant dans la forme que dans le fond. Le titre de travail du scnario devait tre "Conte de fe au pays des gang bangers" tant il semble dconnect de ce que doit tre la vie dans une prison comme San Quentin. Un gosse de riche qui se retrouve dans une des pires prisons des Etats-Unis et se fait protger par le cad des cads ... Sans jamais avoir mis les pieds dans ce type d'tablissement, je me dis que la ralit est sans doute bien diffrente. Mme l'univers carcral de Prison Break semble mieux reflter cette ralit. C'est dommage, mais comme l'histoire russit quand mme nous captiver... La forme ne fait rien pour amliorer cet tat de chose, la ralisation et surtout la photographie tant bien trop ternes. Les 90 minutes du film passent malgr tout assez rapidement, les acteurs y tant pour beaucoup.

Simon A (it) wrote: This movie is a difficult one to explain, the animation is up there with the best I've seen, but the storyline on the hand, it seemed to stray a little in my eyes when they began to mention Noahs Ark, also I can't help feel some of character design is a little too reminicent of that of Akira, I understand it's be the same team, yet a little originality in some of characters wouldnt go a miss. Still; the animation is breathtaking and it contains enough gore and action to keep anyone Violence fan pleased. All-in-all I would recommend you put this on you list to watch.

Naveena K (br) wrote: It's overall okay. I need to see it over again to get a better idea at how I feel for it. It's not the same all the way through-part of it is more entertaining and the other part of it is more serious. I have had issues w/some films that are more unstraightforward like this one. By the way, this was Salman Khan's first leading role in a Bollywood movie.

Elina K (it) wrote: Paranee koko ajan loppua kohden, mut sitten on jo niin todellista ett rupee ahdistamaan.. Hieno kuva siis.

Vishal G (ag) wrote: Directed by: Julien first movie on-line viewlove it

Charles P (us) wrote: My cat has tried to kill me on multiple occasions. This leads me to believe (due to this film) that whenever she gets underfoot by the stairs and I nearly topple down with the potential of breaking my neck, she's some kind of vengeful female ghost out to get revenge on all men, one trip at a time. Not doing a very good job of it though, two years she's been around and I'm still not dead.

Melinda D (ca) wrote: fantastic!!! hidden secrets, tricks, deceit, and decisions of the mind. incredibly well done!

Keegan M (au) wrote: A good film. I don't care much for what the critics say. This is a great but sad true story that needed to be told, and it was told well.

David A (ag) wrote: This is one of those films that a lot of people praise about. After watching it, I still don't get where all of this fandom is coming from? "Space Jam" clearly suffers from a weak script, obvious green screen in the background, and Michael Jordan's embarrassing acting performance. Okay, yes, Michael is only a basketball player but he only got this role because he was famous. I mean, hello? I rather see more Bugs Bunny and his Looney Toon pals, but sadly they were overshadowed by Jordan's scene hugging popularity and the film's short time frame. The only time I laugh is when I saw one of the episodes of The Looney Tunes show, that's how boring this film was. Another corny, cheap, cash-grabbed by Hollywood.

Patrick20 N (nl) wrote: Very bad. Could not even finish it signed up on here to to state this fact about this pos movie. Hate to think I wasted 28 cents to watch it