Moonlight & Mistletoe

Moonlight & Mistletoe

After three years, Nick's estranged daughter Holly returns home to find the spirit of Christmas in Santaville has dwindled, taking the family business with it. What starts out as an attempt to bail out her dad, ends up rekindling Holly's belief in Christmas all over again.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
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  • Keywords:gift,   love,   dinner,  

In 'Saint' Nick Crosby's old-fashioned all-year Christmas village Santaville, working as a mere elf on Christmas preparations all year killed his daughter Holly's seasonal spirit. So she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oliver T (nl) wrote: Classic! It's all about the cinematography.

Justin L (br) wrote: I gotta say, I enjoyed this a bit. Would I take it over city of angels or the original? No, but its not unwatchable. It felt like they were going for comedy a bit. (can't see any other reason to cast Dennis Hopper as a wigger pimp) Furlong is pretty good, a lot more emo than the rest, but acts better than Mabuis. Boreanez is decent until halfway through. And I can say I believe Jimmy and Lily loved each other. Problem is, the characters emotions on their goals change too unclearly. Tara Ried: Let's do it. Wait no, let's settle with this. Marcus Chong: I'm gonna kill you! Nah, I got another idea. Ed Furlong: I'm going to kill the main bad guys. Kill me dammit!" On that last one though, I think I got it. Jimmy wants to kill them, but if he gets killed in the process, he don't mind. The soundtrack is decent, no bands like the others, but pretty good.

Mara D (kr) wrote: "Este restorn lo empec con Norma. Yo cocinaba, ella atenda: era una cuestin de dos. Me acuerdo que siempre discutamos de por qu vena la gente, y ella deca que era por la cocina y yo deca que por su atencin. Es que Norma era una cosa... ella s que era la especialidad de la casa, con esa sonrisa que tena, Aqul cartel luminoso! Imagnate, entraba la gente y ... bum!, se encontraban con esa pintura, y ah apareca la Norma verdadera: ms alegre, ms luminosa, y claro, el cliente pensaba que haba entrado en, qu s yo, en el Paraso por lo menos. Entonces ella peda que la siguieran, que los iba a llevar a la mejor mesa. Eso se lo deca a todo el mundo, que los llevaba a la mejor mesa, y todos se lo crean porque si ella te llevaba, era la mejor mesa. Te haca sentir como si fueras el nico. Con Francesco nos reamos porque cada vez que iba a la cocina, todos, eh, todos, mujeres, nios, hombres, todos, todos, se quedaban como embobados mirndola, no saban si seguan en la Tierra, si era un fantasma, tenan miedo que no volviera. Y ah los volva a sorprender: anotando todo ah, junto a la caja, paradita como por arte de magia, como un ngel, mi ngel"

David B (gb) wrote: My all time favorite movie. The way the story is told is awesome. Several points of view, who told the story right.

Joseph B (mx) wrote: Its bad and the movie knows its bad so it gives it some charm but dear god its bad the plot is completely unfellowable.

Andrea B (de) wrote: Cult Classic! Stagger Stagger Crawl Crawl....Seriously, where else can you find Monty Python, Cheech and Chong, and many more!

imply h (de) wrote: i remember watching this movie alot on cable. i wonder if it is out on dvd?! loved it!

Eric R (jp) wrote: Having grown up with Burt Reynold's "Good 'ol Boy" comedies like Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run it came as a surprise that White Lightning was done rather seriously. Reynolds still plays a "southern good 'ol boy" only this time he's in a gritty, early 70's revenge picture. I like 70's films and I like revenge pictures so hence that easy equation means I would like the film, and sure enough I did.A mustache-less Reynolds is serving time in prison when he gets word that his brother has been killed by a corrupt Sherriff who takes in a percent of the illegal moonshine business in town. He strikes up a deal with the Feds to go undercover to take the sheriff down but it ends up being a much harder endeavor then he thought.I have never been a huge fan of a majority Reynolds "good 'ol boy" comedies as that shtick can get real old real fast so it's always a pleasure to go back and visit films he made which are taken more seriously. He's actually a good actor if you can get him away from his by-the-numbers comedy efforts. Ned Beatty (re-united with Reynolds after Deliverance) is also good in his corrupt sheriff role but thanks to Deliverance, I always have a horrible picture in my mind when he comes on screen (people who have seen Deliverence know what I'm talking about).White Lightning also gives the audience a plethora of well choreographed car chases and the film is full of edge of your seat chases through backwoods trails. Great stuff and no doubt this would influence Reynolds' later hit Smokey and the Bandit.If I had to complain about an aspect it has to be the pacing and directing style (or lack thereof). The film does feel a little overlong for its subject matter (a little under 2 hours) and that could have easily been trimmed up with some nice editing. Joseph Sargent's direction is adequate but it only seems to get the job done. I never felt that the director was doing anything more than "point and shoot" and I would have loved some unique camera angles.White Lightning is a very good example of a entertaining film before the well known "Good ol' Boy" comedy era of Burt Reynolds. It's ahead of the pack when it comes to southern 70's revenge pictures and audiences seemed to agree as three years later Reynolds would direct the sequel titled Gator.

Aj V (es) wrote: This is a pretty good black comedy, I really enjoyed it for the most part, but I thought it could have been better. It's really just a modern retelling of Sweeny Todd, with some very 60s cultural stuff. Overall, pretty good.

Frederick v (es) wrote: A viagem exploratria a uma das luas de Jpiter revela uma forma de vida nova e assustadora. Feito como um documentrio da viagem, mostra o medo e excitao das pessoas em fazer algo que nenhum homem fez antes.

Kristen Y (fr) wrote: Amazing acting, formulaic story but still heartwarming.