A family of tourists vacationing in the woods and a group of camp counselors training in the same forest both find themselves being terrorized by a vicious unhinged psycho.

A family vacationing in the mountains is terrorized by a maniac with an axe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moonstalker torrent reviews

Darrin C (nl) wrote: Struck me as a slower and cheaper Taken. For a JCVD movie, it was definitely different with more of a crime thriller feel rather than explosive action.

Sean L (nl) wrote: Who knew Jason Stackhouse had an accent?

Pauly H (us) wrote: TURNOUT is a film that's about nothing much,Its a decent enough film to see once and that's about it!!!

Andruw F (au) wrote: The ending partially redeemed it to be a 1.5/10, but this movie still is terrible. I loved The River, it's in my top 25 shows of all time, and I want to own it! This was poorly acted, directed, and written. The cinematography as well as camera is terrible. The production value was atrocious, but I understand with a $15,000 budget. I guess because I don't find the premise, or how they're executing it, scary, could be the reason I don't like this, but I was extremely open minded, especially with an 83%!

Becky P (de) wrote: A good movie but I would have ratcheted a different actor to play the main character.

Melissa F (ru) wrote: I have to agree with everyone else, and my friend whom got me into the series herself. xD The series had a better plot and a better understand then this movie. I'm glad that she made me watch the series before the movie, then i would so be lost!!! It's a shame this movie went down hill to the series. The only thing i give credit for is the style, animation, and design!!

Gareth P (au) wrote: Anti-Hollywood serial killer flick. I really got an impression of the banalities of his everyday life. Refreshingly unglamorous. Amazing performance from the lead guy too.

gtgyk 1 (kr) wrote: How can I see it? I can not find the downlown page! please!

Darren C (kr) wrote: I loved this movie! It came on TV one night in the middle of the night when I was awake and really bored. I wish it was out on DVD, I'd love to buy it!

Zhanyi J (nl) wrote: The movie was uninteresting, but impressive direction by Rosi.

Isadore H (de) wrote: Hilariously acted and filled with intentional flaws, Black Dynamite is a great comedy that is in the form of a 70's action movie. The films succeeds mostly because it knows what it is, an intentionally bad spoof action film. It gets a little too campy and the dialogue is almost too awful for its own good, but if you're looking for some genuinely funny moments and hilariously bad editing, Black Dynamite will more than satisfy you.

Kate (de) wrote: This is my third taste of silent cinema any by far my favourite. Made in 1920 'Way Down East' centres around a nave young country girl named Anna, who travels to live with her wealthy aunt in the city. During her stay she encounters a wealthy womanizer who tricks her in to a false marriage and burdens her with an unwanted pregnancy. When her child dies however, due to destitution she is forced to find work; and is kindly taken in by a righteous family man, his wife and their charming son; who falls head over heels for her. A fairly innovative film for its time, 'Way Down East' is a classical romance that despite its age is still enjoyable to this day. Lead actress Lillian Gish is remarkable as the innocent Anna. Her acting style is much more subtle than other melodramas of the time and is so easy to sympathise with. Her beauty and charisma are something director D.W.Griffith's takes full advantage of through close-ups and pan shots of her face and her costumes. The plot may not resonate much originality or significance to a modern day viewer, but it still stands alone as a decent melodrama that will entertain any avid classic film fan. Quite lovely.

Bruno V (ca) wrote: Found-footage kinda movie , looking for bigfoot...not scary, to many interviews with the local people

Cody C (ag) wrote: A terrible movie, but so much fucking fun. If you like cheese, check it out ASAP. I'm embarrassed I hadn't heard of it until today!

Virginia M (au) wrote: Love her! Saw her when she was with Big Brother! A legendary voice!