Morangos com Açúcar - O Filme

Morangos com Açúcar - O Filme

Margarida (Sara Matos) and Rui (Lawrence Ortigão) after studying in England, are now returning to Portugal for a holiday camp, where they reconnect with friends from other times and ...

Margaret (Sara Matos) and Rui (Lawrence Ortigão) after studying in England, are now returning to Portugal for a holiday camp, where they reconnect with friends from other times and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilesh J (gb) wrote: The small-town movie is charming to start with, with its unusual everyday story, real life but weird characters and the garish, tacky use of old movies. Yet,the laughters dry up quickly with umpteen repetitions and a stagnant story - what is cute and novel soon becomes the same thing lasting whole movie-length. The movie would have been better with a story that moved even somewhat.

Max P (ru) wrote: This confrontational coming-of-age thriller is a haunting look into the destruction of innocence and the depths of fear. When a gang of raucous teens plays hooky in the woods, they cross paths with a mysterious drifter. Preying on their adolescent curiosity and naivete, the sadistic vagabond easily wins them over only to inflict humiliating and torturous mind games with a rusty switchblade and a gun. Trembling and desperate, these kids realize that their only chance of survival is to embrace the darkness within and fight back with some wicked games of their own.

Joshua D (br) wrote: it's okay when you're twelve

Stephanie J (au) wrote: hah british movies rock

CJ C (nl) wrote: How bout both? I have a major weakness for artists...

Jason S (mx) wrote: i didn't really care much about this movie

Craig S (es) wrote: Hogan's attempt at move superstardom always amuse.

Gary S (br) wrote: "If you gaze for long enough into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." Applies very well to this film. Four police spies infiltrate a gang of football hooligans. One of them though gets too much into it and ends up becoming one of them. Cannot adapt to "real" life when the operation comes to an end.

Mona E (us) wrote: Very deep, divine, sophisticated, no wonder it's based on a play, because it is so fulled with passion, tragedy, spirituality, also with a lot of very intellectual thoughts.This movie affected me very hard, It made me feel high, scared, and this tons of heaviness that Dysart had to carry in the end, what a beautiful movie it's.Richard Burton was very impressive, I love his movies, I think he's one of the most underrated actors!

Bheema D (gb) wrote: THAT WAS FUCKING COOL

Gene P (br) wrote: I always thought Orson Welles was overrated, but this...this is like he tried to make a Film Noir comedy for children--only it's not funny and it's not for children. The only reason I can think of for this being so highly rated by so many people is that they're too busy orgasming over the name "Orson Welles" to notice the absurdly unrealistic behavior of the characters and the cartoonish scenes and directing. Some examples: Blackmailer gets shot directly in the chest. I suppose the killer didn't finish the job because that seems pretty damned fatal. But the wounded guy is able to crawl about 100 ft to the house. The woman says she'll call an ambulance, but he says "No, I'm already dead," then continues chattering on for several minutes. Ten minutes later, he's managed to stand up to get the wall phone (the "I'm not dead yet" scene from Holy Grail came to mind). Is he calling an ambulance? No, the craven blackmailer is suddenly concerned not with his own life, but with making sure someone knows the truth. I don't even remember if he ever actually died in the movie. In a related issue, after the woman is shot, Welles character says " I went to call the cops, but I knew she'd be dead before they got there and I'd be free." WHAT? Do these people have some kind of clock that tells them exactly how long it takes to die from bullet wounds?Oh, and what about Welles' famous scene composition skills? In the aquarium, when we see the man and woman from a few feet away, the fish appear normal sized, but in close-ups of the two, tiny little fish become GIGANTIC! Oh, I'm SURE there was some DEEEEEEP meaning behind that...yeah, right.Welles' awful Irish accent, etc., etc. It just goes on like that. But ultimately a film has to have characters who at least *appear* to be acting in their own self-interest (or SOMEone's) to be taken seriously. Their behavior is just completely random in this farce.

bill s (mx) wrote: A basic repeat of the original.The type of horror movie that while you're watching it it becomes quite clear what a waste of time it is.