Mördaren - En helt vanlig person

Mördaren - En helt vanlig person

People on a train get murdered. Who is the murderer? Everybody on the train is a suspect. One of them is the homosexual dope fiend.

People on a train get murdered. Who is the murderer? Everybody on the train is a suspect. One of them is the homosexual dope fiend played by Heinz Hopf. Things might get out of hand in this exciting thriller in true Hitchcockian style. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mördaren - En helt vanlig person torrent reviews

Pourya E (us) wrote: Watch the poster and you have seen the only interesting thing with this movie!

Isaac H (ag) wrote: Though sometimes too "Hollywood-y" for its own good, and marred by a predictably awkward Hayden Christensen performance, Shattered Glass is ultimately saved by the undeniable intrigue of its subject matter.

Justin O (jp) wrote: A really good legal thriller with some suprising twists.

Shayla M (au) wrote: Out of this world ridiculously funny

Joanna G (gb) wrote: Great film and Jon's music through the film just adds to it!

Dave V (jp) wrote: The firs thing i want to say about this movie is it's not only about horse racing. its about a guy who is having "a very good day" its one of the few comedy movies where every character feels like they have a purpose to the plot of the film. every actor especially Richard Dreyfuss does there part in making this one of the best movies i've seen. i also want to make a side note people always ask me if i watch this movie only because of Jennifer Tilly. and i would have to say they couldn't be farther from the truth even tho i think this is one of her best performances

Martin V (jp) wrote: This is humor. Soo funny.

Kevin R (es) wrote: Love is really unpredictable.Hannah has a very complex relationship with her sisters. She loves them dearly; however, her current husband has started an affair with her younger sister Lee while her ex-husband has fallen in love with her middle sister, Holly. Everyone tries to keep Hannah from knowing, but as it becomes more obvious, her life may fall apart."You just have to masturbate into a little cup.""I think I can handle that."Woody Allen, director of Scoop, Bananas, Annie Hall, Midnight in Paris, Alice, Manhattan, Shadows and Fog, Radio Days, Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Love and Death, delivers Hannah and her Sisters. The storyline for this felt a little clich Allen. The characters were interesting but I almost felt like I had seen this before (I have seen a lot of Allen movies). The acting was first rate and includes Mia Farrow, Michael Caine, Dianne West, Carrie Fisher, and Max von Sydow."You want my husband to have a child with you?"I came across this on cable and had to DVR it. I am a Woody Allen fan and enjoy watching his pictures for the most part. This was pretty good and a well told story but was more straightforward than I anticipated. This was okay and worth a viewing but far from Allen's best film."I have a feeling you're in tune with your environment."Grade: C+

Anthony P (br) wrote: Loved it, full of action and Ray Liotta and Ernie Hudson done an outstanding job in this movie

Zack M (de) wrote: Chaplin is most likely the greatest physical comedian to ever live, and while I liked this film of his, it's far from being his best. There is less of a plot then his other films and just felt like a comedy sketch. The comedy is still brilliant and the cinematography as always was masterful, there just wasn't much else to hang your hat on other than an enjoyable physical comedy.Do yourself a favor and seek out the 1925 version, the remastered 1942 version is absolutely cringe-worthy.

Nicholas L (ru) wrote: It's old-fashioned, funny, gory, pleasant to watch and full of Halloween references.