A German student, Stefan, who has finished his studies, then decides to have an adventure. After hitch-hiking to Paris, he commits crimes to get money. He then meets a free-spirited American girl, Estelle, who he follows to Ibiza, and then begins a sad & dark path into heroin addiction. Barbet Schroeder's first film, it is also notable for its soundtrack, which was composed by the band Pink Floyd, who he would also use in his next film, La Vallée.

In the late 60's, after graduating in Mathematics, the German Stefan Brückner hitchhikes from Lübeck to Paris to see the world without money. He befriends Charlie in an arcade and they go ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melanie S (mx) wrote: Pretty scary! I like it though!

Joe A (gb) wrote: Very inspirational doc, especially since it's a Disney produced movie. I think if you're open minded then you'll enjoy this, even if you aren't into Sailing. That being said, I've always wanted to sail and this doc only makes me want to sail even more.

Eliabeth H (ca) wrote: In saying goodbye to Netflix disks, we chose an indie documentary set in Austin (how have I never heard of this movie before?)20 minutes into I looked at Caleb and said I thought this was an environmental doc not a financial one, well it ended up being both. Really good thoughts (though the environmentalists were a little cocky at time) and now I know more about what the occasional Save Our Springs bumper sticker really means. I also learned the interesting fact that Robert Redford learned to swim in Barton Springs. The kid in Hutto was so cute and his innocence shined the truth behind the problem of urban sprawl. (we live in a subdivision that once was a farm but I justify it because Caleb walks to work!) One down part was there was no real call to action-what is their suggestion of where to live or how to interact with our natural surrounding. Everybody in Austin should watch this.

Bryan P (it) wrote: Murder mystery with the killer using art as part as his murders.

Terri H (it) wrote: lol it wasnt even scary...

Simon D (nl) wrote: Pretty good German films about some disillusioned kids who are trying to change the world in their own small way. The story is quite a good one and it's quite funny, which is rare for German films.

Sunshine s (br) wrote: Kate McBain is a beautiful, fast-talking detective with ambition to burn. When four of Los Angeles' sexy, high-class hookers are found brutally murdered, Kate jumps hot on the trail of the vicious serial killer. Before she knows it, she's caught in a...

Kajah R (fr) wrote: A really well done french movie from the 90's. for as long as this movie ran, they really maintained the psychic tension of the two main characters in a believable way.

Glenn C (ca) wrote: "Tales For All" is a series of Canadian family films that began in 1984 with The Dog Who Stopped The War and included titles like Tommy Tricker and The Great Land of Small. There have been 22 movies in total and to an Aussie audience they are best compared to Paul Jennings' stories and his Round The Twist tv series. Tonight I relived a childhood favourite with The Peanut Butter Solution. What memories... its about kid who sees two ghosts and has the wits scared out of him to the point that he loses all of his hair. The ghosts feel guilty and offer him a special recipe to induce hair growth. The kid mixes too much peanut butter into the blend and ends up with a head of never-ending hair. Its never stops growing. Add to the lunacy of it all his evil art teacher kidnaps him and starts mass-producing paint brushes from the hair. Its stupid but great. Most kids will get a kick out of it, particularly the best friend who puts the peanut butter solution on his nuts. LOL

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Decent, but a little predictable, even still though, it keeps you guessing throughout. And that's thanks to some really great performances all around.

Yinal R (es) wrote: Very cool movie, made me laugh alot!

John W (au) wrote: Another reviewer said "What an amazing concept...trapped in a truly awfully directed, produced, and acted movie" I couldn't agree more. They could have and SHOULD have done a much better job with every aspect (including more effectual use of the great actor they had in McDowell). I wasn't sure if this was a drama, comedy, christian film or spoof. The lead was oblivious and unbelievable - to the point that every time he mentioned Jesus' name I wasn't sure if he was sincere or blasphemous. In the end, I really like the concept and, of course, the message, but it was so poorly communicated that without a post-film explanation, I'm afraid it was lost on the vast majority of the audience.

Cristbal S (jp) wrote: I still don't know how this movie got me interested in fashion and clothing. It's predictable, but the characters are pretty enchanting in hands of a fantastic duo: Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. A little melodramatic, but funny and charming at the end.

Sadam S (es) wrote: It was actually really good why do all the critics hate it

Heather M (ca) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.