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Sisters Margo and Karen, along with best friend 'Chelle, were full figured, bootylicious and proud of it - they loved hard, laughed out loud and lived life by the code, "the more the woman,...

Sisters Margo and Karen, along with best friend 'Chelle, were full figured, bootylicious and proud of it - they loved hard, laughed out loud and lived life by the code, "the more the woman,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (gb) wrote: Alec Baldwin stars in "The Hunger Maze". 10 contestants are picked to represent their districts. Their minds are erased and sent into a maze in a free for all. The last survivor gets the prize.Ok, this movie is pure trash. The very first death is an Asian Girl via a female stereotype. She dies by being scared of a stranger. I couldn't make this shit up.This movie would have been better as a comedy. Just reverse the roles. A girl is hunting dear, and stabs it with a spear. Then notices the pussy boy behind her. She turns around. The boy pisses his pants and hyperventilates. The next thing you know, he's dead. Contestant #3 is eliminated. Over pussified to death. (Watch this movie if you want to see a very bad female actor pretending to die by being scared. It's teribad!)== SPOILER ALERT BELOW ==The plot, or even the ending, is so abysmally stupid. It's like watching all 3 movies of the Matrix; and then the ending is "Sike, it's all an illusion. Oh, and the robots have taken over the world. You be my slave. How do you know this isn't an illusion/dream too? You'll never know, because THE END."

Bindu C (kr) wrote: Gunday (?????), is built upon the same old formulae - two friends falling in love with the same girl, friendship turning sour, heroes as gunday (as per the law) but maseeha for the poor... we have seen it all. Gunday, although not falling under the genre of my preference, let me be unbiased in reviewing the same.The movie begins at the backdrop of 1971 war, where Bangladesh as a country was born. It gave birth to lot of orphans and refugees. Gunday is about two young orphans Bikram and Bala who witnessed the war and its aftermath. Refugee camp turned out to be a hell rather than a shelter for them, where the seeds of gunday was sown. Fighting for survival, the inseparable duo escaped to Calcutta (now Kolkatta). The young Bikram and Bala enacted by Darshan Gurjar and Jayesh V Kardak reminded me of Salim Malik - Jamal Malik (played by Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and Ayush Mahesh Khedekar) of slumdog millionaire. Both Darshan and Jayesh have given fabulous performance.The grown up Bikram (Ranveer Singh) and Bala (Arjun Kapoor) with their illegal business (they have justification for all these) started ruling Calcutta and became its most loved, most celebrated, most reckless, most fearless, and most powerful ... Gunday!There comes the entry of gorgeous Nandita (Priyanka Chopra), a cabaret dancer who swept both Bikram and Bala off their feet. There are certain light moments when both Bikram and Bala try to woo Nandita turn by turn. I wish, these moments could have been prolonged a little more. Nandita has given some sensuous performance through dance sequences. Although her costumes don't belong to 80's era of fashion.Irrfan Khan as ACP Satyajeet Sarkar has definitely added his style, cool, composure to the character. He plans a chakraviewh and the movie moves ahead to let us know whether and how Bikram, Bala get trapped in that chakraviewh. Irrfan is also the narrator.Music by Sohail Sen is good. Jashn-e-Ishqa, Jiya, Tune maari entriyaan and Aslame-Ishqum have ranked well in the chart-busters. Irshad Kamil as penned down some good lyrics. Cinematography by Aseem Mishra highlights Hoogly, Howra Bridge, fish market... the specialties of Calcutta.Director Ali Abbas Zafar has definitely tried to take out the best from Ranveer and Arjun, although I felt Arjun's expressions betrayed his dialogue at times - 'Ye tevar humare khoon me hai'. I need to mention that I missed the director Ali Abbas Zafar of Mere Brother ki Dulhan fame in this movie.Saurabh Shukla is natural and effortless as always.It is disheartening that Gunday has nothing new to offer. Very predictable plot.Watch Gunday only for Ranveer & Arjun's chemistry, Irrfan's tactful cop act and Priyanka's dance numbers.Alas! Gunday ...Hum Gunday the, Gunday hain aur Gunday rahenge... Koi hume sudhaar nahi sakta...

Hiran K (br) wrote: Watched on TV today.Pretty good Movie that reveals one ugly side of our communities.& the brilliant Boman Irani shows his class here....good one! \m/

dedra c (ag) wrote: my nephews love this movie

Ash M (au) wrote: I found this movie quite creepy yet very interesting till the very end.

Dyron W (ru) wrote: One of my personal guilty pleasures. Virtuosity is a fast-paced '90s sci fi thriller with an early, gleefully over the top performance by Russell Crowe.

Jeffrey L (gb) wrote: I watched this movie on TV once. Possibly the worst movie ever made with the worst acting of all time.

Matthew D (us) wrote: After bungling what should have been a rather simple set-up with some stiff acting and dialogue, this globe-trotting spy adventure improves with each location and pre-empts the Bond formula by twenty years. However, the titular protagonist is a bit of a dud, and its clear Hitchcock wanted to show the Americans some British Greatness as George Sanders, in a very different role to his appearance in Rebecca but an equally enjoyable one, leaps in and all but takes over as a far more serviceable, fun and dashing hero. This saves the picture in terms of entertainment, even if it damages it in terms of cohesion. The final plea for the US to support the war effort put the director's intentions for all to see, but it is rousing nonetheless.

Wilman A (ca) wrote: Comforting story with musical execution. Every people who born in west culture will love it. Great performances by Bridges and Maggie. Charming, stunning and heartbreaking movie.