Moreno and the Silence

Moreno and the Silence

(In Swedish with English Subtitles)Episode 3: Morene & The Silence- When a girl is murdered soon after leaving a closed religious community, Moreno faces a difficult investigation as the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moreno and the Silence torrent reviews

teddy c (mx) wrote: Had high hopes for this, but was ultimately confused.

Jackie S (fr) wrote: very informative film about the fresh water crisis, the effects of for-profit water companies and companies producing bottled water on the enviroment and local population.

Dallas T (jp) wrote: Watching this film feels like watching a child begging you to pay attention to them. Charlie Bartlett tries sending a message, only, it's not one you care to divide any attention to.

Gloria M (it) wrote: This a marvelous movie. A story well told. I love it. Thank-you Maggie you played your role convincingly.

shane c (it) wrote: i loved this movie Jared Leto played a great part in this movie

Scott S (us) wrote: Boxing Helena (1993) -- [4.5] -- Julian Sands and Sherilyn Fenn star in this odd-ball drama about a surgeon who chops off the limbs of his feisty lady love so he can have her all to himself. I appreciate a lot of what writer/director Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David Lynch) is trying to say in her script, especially with Sands's character, a Freudian mess of a man who is trying to win sexual validation from the very person he enslaves and tortures. But the film spirals away from Lynch near the end, first with Fenn's character reacting in such an unbelievable way as to make any feminist fume with anger, and then with an unforgiveable ending that renders this wannabe-provocative film a total eunuch.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Will be rememberd as a classic musical even though the film is one giant middle finger to the viewers at the end, And in my eyes it's just one giant mess not making a whole lot of sense and gets sillier and sillier.

Scott S (jp) wrote: Cocteau continues with his theme of the poet and spins it into the Orpheus legend. This film plays out smoother than blood of a poet, but he continues to invent new motifs and use continuing ones from blood of a poet.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: In August of 1948 the Yanks released their own fantasy about a man (who's seeing a doctor) catching a mermaid. Many of the jokes and plot elements used in the Brit movie, "Miranda", manage to show up in this American production (quelle surprise!) yet the pace is slower, the production matter-of-fact, the overall aim different (and even sleazy at times!), resulting in a piece with less charisma. Powell gives his all, but Blyth steals the effort entirely with no lines whatsoever and she is the reason to watch this.

Naomi G (us) wrote: The only thing this remake has in common with the original is a sharp critique of an imaginary world that is meant to be a critique of our own. Other than that the story deviates sharply from the original. Whereas the original centered around the game of Rollerball itself, and staying in that game, the characters in this film are more interested in getting away from the game. In the original, Caan was morally oblivious to the fact that he was involved in sanctioned mass murder, not so the heroes of the Rollerball reincarnation. They are fully aware of the repercussions of their actions, yet their reason for involvement in the game in the first place is not soundly proved.One element extracted form the original into the remake is to make the fast paced action of the game scenes in the original the norm for the whole of the remake. The performance of the actresses and actors in the film are obscured by the swirling sequence of actions so their relative inabilities become masked and not detrimental to the film as a whole.