NELU, a man in his forties, works as a security guard in the local supermarket in Salonta, a small town on the Romanian-Hungarian border. This is the place where many illegal emigrants try to cross, by any means posible, to Hungary and then further to Western Europe. One morning, NELU will “fish” something different out of the river: a Turkish man trying to cross the border. Not able to communicate verballly, the two men will somehow understand each other. NELU takes the stranger to the farmhouse, gives him some dry clothes, food and shelter. He doesn’t really know how to help this stranger. The Turkish man gives NELU all the money he has on him so he will help him cross the border. Eventually, NELU takes the money and promises he will help him cross the border tomorrow, MORGEN…

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Romanian,Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:farm,   romania,   hungary,  

NELU, a man in his forties, works as a security guard at a supermarket in Salonta, a small town on the Romanian-Hungarian border... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (nl) wrote: It is a surprising improvement over its predecessor. Yet some shorts are still as confusing and ridiculous as the first. But the one thing that ABCs of Death 2 does that conquers its predecessor is that it can be funny while also restraining itself from being too ridiculous. In other words, this is what happens when you put a movie like this in the right hands.

Matthew M (br) wrote: The long awaited gritty reboot of home alone has finally arrived. Unfortunately, the brutal action sequences and a few truly memorable moments are overshadowed by corny villains, flat dialog, and cringe-worthy sound effects. If everyone involved had just played to their strengths, this could have been a truly frightening and intense survival horror experience. Instead, its a middling action-thriller with a promising premise but disappointing delivery.

Dave J (us) wrote: Monday, January 20, 2014 (2011) 5 Days Of War WAR/ SOCIAL COMMENTARY This is like another one of those movies where a child is trying to explain about his good intentions and it wouldn't make any sense to anyone else except him. Anyways, this should never been made into a movie in the first place for it would've been much more interesting had it been a documentary. At the start of the movie, we assumed that it's about the photographers or journalists, but then it shifts to it's story to be about the people- the people of Georgia that is, a minor country located next to Russia. Apparently, Georgia is not the first country to be invaded by Russia because they had also invaded Afghanistan as well and the Americans intervened by selling weapons to the people of Afghanistan unaware that those very weapons were going to be used on us and to our allies. On the first 30 minutes or so dwells on a particular situation which an American photographer journalist, Thomas (Rupert Friend) along with some of his colleagues coincidently were saved by some Georgian soldiers from Iraqi soldiers on the side of Saddam Hussein. Before Thomas get carried away he's then given a cheap looking trinket by one of the Georgian soldiers to remember him by. Then the film jumps a few years later, and because he still remembers the Georgian soldier who saved him, he felt an obligation to go and see him since he was offered an assignment to go down there. Georgia another country that's located almost right next to Russia, are in cahoots with them since they're accusing them of an attack even though theirs evidence that it actually happened. For it's obvious, the reason Russia is declaring war against the people of Georgia is because the opportunity is there for it was during the Olympics. At this point viewers are wondering how come Georgian villages or towns who live so close to the border are not running far away from it. Director Renny Harlin never explains for the people just stand their and accept their fate while Thomas and his filming crew are eager to film as much atrocities instead of running away from it. And then the film shifts to having the journalists being chased by that particular sadistic Russian army since this chip contains damning footage that could dampen Russian's credibility. And it does this on such pretentious fashion that viewers wouldn't really know what to make of it. Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Tatia the girl who's family of the village/ town that was attacked. Heather Graham stars as an unrecognizable Miriam Eisner, Andy Garcia as Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili, and Dean Cain has a small part as US ambassador of Georgia. 1 star out of 4 for it's good intentions

Dominik F (it) wrote: Exceptional story. Good to see John Goodman as a protagonist instead of the antagonist.

Enrique F (fr) wrote: This movie is about sensation and feelings.

Jon S (ag) wrote: You can see that Disney was going through a transitional period because the animation is simular to Chicken Little and it's 50/50, the voice performence for Penny was rough only to get better as the film progresses, she was voiced by a bubblegum tween pop star, and the biggest problem are the forced pop tunes. But, what makes this movie a very strong movie was that the action is solid, the characters are pretty cool, the writing and jokes really really work, and has really well and great drama. Overall, this movie is great and worth watching compared to Disney's other work in the mid and early 2000s.

Timothy G (au) wrote: You know what is sad......this movie is better than the 3rd movie that acutally had plot and characters from the first two.Now while this ONCE again does not explain a whole lot I was decently entertained and happy it was not worse that the 3rd in the series.........if that is possible...........I am still angered by that piece of crap haha

Lee M (ag) wrote: Far from condemning recording media out of hand, Egoyan scrutinizes our ambiguous relationship with them; and as the characters grope towards less alienated (self) images, the film achieves an uneasy synthesis of intellectual analysis and deeply felt emotion.

Garrett C (us) wrote: Gandhi is a stupendous achievement of a film that needs to be seen, and while it's not as technically brilliant as the David Lean films it attempts to emulate, Kingsley's performance is rightly legendary. Gandhi's life and achievements alone would be remarkable enough by themselves to propel a film to a higher realm.

Mark R (kr) wrote: Absolutely outstanding. Reminiscent of a time when cinema was actually an art form - remember that? The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it's about 7 hours long, but by God if you can last that long it's worth it. Scenes with Hitler's valet and Himmler's astrologist were particularly captivating, if you ask me.

Private U (fr) wrote: cheeseball raunch with a very positive attitude. see tom skerritt's original 'stache! mercifully short.

wHatItDo (it) wrote: more people could learn from a comedy that has such a strong message on the stereotypes of race in america, it even can apply in today's ignorant society!!!

MariePier D (ag) wrote: This one is a fave of 2012. That is exactly what I was expecting from a high school reunion movie (goofy moments, lost love, the ancient you vs the new you problem, ...)

Claire M (ru) wrote: This movie was very sweet and i loved the relationship in it. It had some sad aspects but it was great. Zac is bae

Rory Fyfe S (br) wrote: Very funny movie. With good lead characters. Story with a heart.

Jos M (gb) wrote: Correcto film sobre uno de los grandes escritores de la poca dorada de Hollywood.