Rome, in 73 B.C. Spartacus led the rebellion of 200 gladiators wich saw them opposed to the inhumanity which Rome had forced them into. During the riot they resisted for a long time against the roman soldiers. Few against a whole army. Some of them went crazy and started murders, rapes and violence. Spartacus punished them with dead. But in those lands, when blood gets shed, they come back ...

While out driving, three young men meet two beautiful women and convince them to go with them to a rave out in a remote location. Once there, the women realize that there is no rave and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Morituris torrent reviews

Lester d (it) wrote: Definitely deserved that Oscar winner.

Damir A (jp) wrote: Arnie and Sly in a decent escape flick. Could have been so much more.

Faley A (kr) wrote: belligerency all around .

John I (us) wrote: The first act is gripping and visceral. The second act is tedious and confusing. The ending is a beautiful, brutish mess. If only it had built on its excellent first act. Still worth seeing, and improves with a second viewing. Sometimes I just turn it on to watch the dark, moody first half.

Shaolin L (au) wrote: This is the documentary that all Americans should watch and wake up to take actions to make the changes happen before it is too late!

Super K (ca) wrote: good movie about a bad actor who goes on drugs disrespects his family. His relait with his family who moves in with him and his descent into madness.

Isaac T (it) wrote: An excellent, excellent war movie, up with there with The Hurt Locker. it's as gritty and violent as they come. Just don't watch it for the characters, there's not a whole lot of depth to them. Also the movie makes very little effort to humanize the Somalian adversaries.

Igor A (ca) wrote: shema kraj,kolku predvidlivo...Joseph Fiennes losho glumi,za Heather nema potreba da se kazuva,taa sekogas losho glumi...sakale da napravat nesto ali ova e teska utka

Erin C (ru) wrote: Cute Christmas movie.

Brandon S (us) wrote: It's all just too violent, homophobic, racist, joyless, unfunny, unoriginal, and just generally inappropriate. But, you know, it's a Michael Bay movie.

Heather C (fr) wrote: great way to spend the evening

Yousif V (ru) wrote: Just realized this is the prequel to Clear and Present Danger.

Michael W (ca) wrote: A killer stalks the high profile high school majorette squad one by one. Watchably routine 80s horror that lacks imagination or suspense. Steers off-course for a while in a revenge subplot and I'm not convinced many of these majorettes can actually twirl a baton at all.

Jason S (gb) wrote: its a good muppet movie

Jack B (kr) wrote: This movie never gets old...

Anders A (us) wrote: When a ukraine-chilean artist of jewish ascent wants to create art in the middle of the Mexican desert, the result is "El Topo". Much can be said about the feature itself, because it's like no other movie at the time upon it's release. Depending a great deal on the shock-factor with it's killings, blood and nudity, it also has a more sublime subconcious message. As Alejandro Jodorowsky takes the task of playing messiah himself, leather pants in the dessert nonetheless. The movie is a journey towards a truth forming along the paths chosen. Oddity and amputations even animal slaughters are thrown in this massive mix of surrealism, the result is as frustrating as it is addictive. Acid or not, it is intriguing in a horrible way.

Milo N (ag) wrote: Thought-provoking, outstanding acting, smartly written. Streep's best performance of her career.

Jill B (it) wrote: Bullock and McCarthy are absolutely hilarious together in this buddy cop movie. Their contrasting personalities blossom into a weird yet endearing friendship. The world only benefit from another Bullock and McCarthy team up.

JH K (mx) wrote: Olga Kurylenko... yum