Morning Star

Morning Star

In time of war, a man must survive to make a journey to fulfill a promise made and discover the truth. After a terrible battle, a man sees his great friend perish, leaving him one request – that he visit the king, father of the deceased, to give him the news of his death. Tied promise on his deathbed friend, the warrior part for the meeting with the monarch, an old man and convalescent, who lost his only heir. The king demands that the warrior’s serve, but the man is tired of war and want a place to live in peace. When the warrior goes in search of tranquility, his path crosses that of a beautiful young woman, chased by soldiers. He saves her and discovers she is a witch. With the Inquisition coming to the kingdom and a new love in his chest, the warrior must regain their weapons to prevent more blood from the people he loves spill.

During the war, a man had to be alive to realize his promise and find the truth. When he finished combating intensely, he lost his best friend forever, who leave him a requirement. He begged the man to go to meet the king who was the father of the dead, and inform him about his death. This friendship is highly respective. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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