The Foreign Legion marches in to Mogador with booze and women in mind just as singer Amy Jolly arrives from Paris to work at Lo Tinto's cabaret. That night, insouciant legionnaire Tom Brown catches her inimitably seductive, tuxedo-clad act. Both bruised by their past lives, the two edge cautiously into a no-strings relationship while being pursued by others. But Tom must leave on a perilous mission: is it too late for them?

A cabaret singer and a Legionnaire fall in love, but their relationship is complicated by the results of his womanizing and due to the appearance of a rich man who wants her for himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (it) wrote: Not a bad movie once you get past Kathleen Turner's butch voice.

Momarorgog (it) wrote: Ubehagelig og usminket

Sharon G (it) wrote: i loved this movie. It's a feel-good story that brings up serious issues in a really entertaining way. It was great how the movie shows what the religious Christians and the gay people end up having in common. Orlando Jones and AJ Cook were wonderful in the lead roles. He's one of the gay husbands and she's the Christian woman who hears from God. I saw this movie at a festival and was happy to find out it was finally coming out in theatres. Everyone should go see it when it is released. It has great music and you will leave the movie singing and feeling great.

Ian S (gb) wrote: What a load of tosh! The acting is not too bad, but the story is absolute rubbish and totally unbelievable. The special fx are equally rubbish. The twists were naff. The only thing that did get me was the characters, I found myself not wanting the good looking topless women to be killed! Strange!

Sharilee F (ru) wrote: Second time seeing this. Hard to watch, but a must see. It's based partially on the columbine shooting if anyone is interested.

Kelvin M (it) wrote: So bad it's good. Leave your brain at the door and settle in for some cringeworthy acting, terrible special effects, and a plot unusual enough to keep you interested

Jack H (ca) wrote: The concluding sentiment is agreeable and especially pertinent with today's crass race politics, but it is delivered by way of a loud pantomime with a collection of obnoxious, dull characters that generate little pathos.

Kitty D (ca) wrote: Good movie - teen flick

Shaun B (kr) wrote: Average 80's hockey flick.

Scott R (kr) wrote: A movie about dragons should be at least a little bit of fun; this is just dark. and dreary

Private U (kr) wrote: best pair I have seen on screen

Kenny N (ru) wrote: Underrated thriller featuring a multi-faceted performance by Rebecca De Mornay as a delightful nanny with a deadly mission. Kudos to Matt McCoy for portraying the perfect husband who nevertheless is realistic.