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Moron Movies

Len Cella delivers offbeat, silly and generally Moronic short films

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Hulya O (br) wrote: a touching movie..i didnt expect an end like this..could have a heart attack young and so sensetive. and since when has a camera a heart..i saw it's heartbeat while running after holger ..thank you for this nice movie

john t (us) wrote: Great out this world fun horror. Don't miss it.

Paul K (us) wrote: Brilliant. Having seen Malkovich in 'Changeling', it was interesting to see him even more effective and intense in this. It's a powerful story with many layers, and left me thinking about the nature of South Africa and the quality of justice in a society emerging from repression. It's very powerful on an emotional level too, as the central characters experience painful change processes. It's about acceptance, ultimately, of movement in the locus of power.

Greg B (au) wrote: It's like Love Actually, only Irish and with assholes. Cillian Murphy and (would you believe it) Colin Farrell give strong performances.

Vera G (ag) wrote: My cinema world is upside down yet again.

E L (au) wrote: Not Zhang Yimou's best. Lack of focus and direction impairs a visually beautiful film.

Stephanie C (mx) wrote: The first half of this movie is easily worth 3.5 stars, but the second half nearly put me to sleep. Also the ending was very unsatisfactory, but the immense charm of the first 45 minutes cannot be overlooked. Three stars it is.

Soo R (gb) wrote: Over all it was a good movie. They over acted a little towards the end. They found the perfect cast. Victoria justice was great as Jordan!

Ren E (au) wrote: Hands down the best political thriller ever made!

wild willie n (es) wrote: not a bad little bronson flick - two and a half stars. PG rating hurts it some though. Still its CHARLIE!!

Leopoull C (fr) wrote: i have a question,..Was it ethical for Jacob's Company to subject the apes to the medical research?...plz respond ASAP..tq..

Jeff N (it) wrote: A tender, yet brutal, view of the onset and progressive nature of Alzheimer's Disease, "Still Alice" is another brilliant performance by Julianne Moore, surrounded by an equally brilliant supporting cast. The director uses editing and the camera to perfectly pace the film with occasional prolonged fuzziness to tie the viewer's observation of what is happening to Alice in tandem with the progression of the disease. It doesn't fall into a couple of very easily possible Hollywood traps during the film and, thus, stands out. It ends perfectly and respectful of the movie's theme. Why overrated films like "American Sniper" and "The Imitation Game" are nominated for Best Picture and "Still Alice" is not, in spite of the 10-film limit not being reached, is beyond me. It's certainly worthy of that consideration.