Morris from America

Morris from America

The romantic and coming-of-age misadventures of a 13-year-old American living in Germany.

This coming-of-age drama follows 13-year-old Morris focused on hip-hop stardom who falls for a rebellious classmate (Lina Keller) after moving from the U.S. to Germany with his widowed father (Craig Robinson). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (br) wrote: The episodic social drama style has been done before, and I'm sure in London already. If some of the stories were a little more interesting then this might not have mattered.

Jacky L (us) wrote: easy,breezy chick flick. helped pass time with catchy soundtrack and eye candies ( meaning lisa haydon. can't decide about sonam kapoor yet). abhay deol really reminds me of a young liu qingyun!

Kirsi H (ag) wrote: Elokuva ja filmaukseltaan jees, hienot maisemat, mielenkiintoinen tarina, vaikka isompaa kapinaa olin kyll odottanut.

Ricardo H (nl) wrote: NOTHING TO FORGIVE BUT SOME PARTS TO FORGETThis is one of those movies that leave me confused at the end. Did I enjoy it? Did I like it? Was it good? Honestly, I don't know. I really liked parts of it and those parts were excellent quality. Then, there were parts that I hated and where I asked myself "why would someone do that?" and that were rehashed cliches and completely unrealistic actions. Was it a drama? Was it a comedy? Somehow it was a combination of both, the drama and some of the comic parts were good, but others (like the visit to the TV show) were not comedy at all, they were cartoonish actions. Overall, okay film, but man, it could have been so much better with good editing.

Martha (fr) wrote: amazing movie. one of my all time favorites. i really like this movie. claudia is amazing in this movie.

Dan H (ca) wrote: Good acting, good story.

Joanne B (ca) wrote: Saw this when I was a kid and it was awesome! I've tried to figure out what the name of the movie was for the longest time. :)

Brynn H (au) wrote: Love Elvis, but not one of my favorites.

Mark B (ag) wrote: oh boy what a stinker

Natasha M (us) wrote: Absolutely brilliant film and portrayal of mental illness! Fantastic storyline, fabulous acting and extraordinary cinematography! One of my favourite independent films by far! 100% recommend!