Mortal Fight

Mortal Fight

After upsetting the criminal underground in 'the Master Blackmailer' case, Sherlock Holmes has to face his archenemy: Prof. Moriarty.

After upsetting the criminal underground in 'the Master Blackmailer' case, Sherlock Holmes has to face his archenemy: Prof. Moriarty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faisal M (kr) wrote: A very funny movie and one of the most underrated movie of 2010. much better than expected

Xpocalypse S (kr) wrote: Survival lessons: If you build a robot it will eventually try and kill you. Your fail-safes won't work. Your kill-codes won't work. Just don't do it. Other than that, I'd have to agree with Zombieland's number 1 rule: Cardio. Seriously, if you can't run 10 miles at a decent pace, you're done for.

Sarfara A (ca) wrote: The Patience Stone (Persian: ) war-drama written by Jean-Claude Carrire and directed by Atiq Rahimi. Starring Golshifteh Farahani. The film was Afghan for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, but couldn't make it to final list. A young woman (Golshifteh) in a dilapidated and war-torn region of Kabul, in Afghanistan looks after her older husband, who has bullet injury to his neck and and cannot respond to anything. She tells him about her true feelings for someone, including her childhood and worst of life she's gone through. She stars extramarital relations with a young fighter. Film failed to raise the spirit of the story, such stories are hard to portray on big screen without reactionary dialogues from the next character - and ultimately the movies fail to bring standard to their vitality. The Patience Stone is one of such, a kind.

Richard B (es) wrote: A sweeping view of modern day warfare and the politics that have become a necessary evil. My first look at Andrew Garfield pre- Social Network.

Westerlunn A (gb) wrote: When school ends... and life begins.

Angela C (gb) wrote: Wow, what a follow up to the book I just read, "This Common Secret". Very emotional, and Cher is great as always in her role. Sissy Spacek and Demi Moore also have great turns.

nagy a (kr) wrote: .........................

Andy Z (us) wrote: Solid HK crime-drama actioner from the great Ringo Lam that really pleases the crowd. Excellent storytelling work and surprisingly good, inventive action with Chow Yun-Fat. Very stylish and exciting.

Eytan D (kr) wrote: "Poltergeist II" was better than it had the right to be because it stayed true to the first film. And even though Heather O'Rourke and Zelda Rubinstein turn in still-memorable performances as Carol-Anne and Tangina (sadly, O'Rourke died during the making of the film), "Poltergeist III" has many irredeemable flaws. The villain isn't nearly as creepy as in the first sequel, the movie drags often and for an hour and a half film, that's not good. The special effects aren't as special. But worst of all, these characters can't get any more annoying. Mark this one off as unnecessary and something you're likely to find at the bottom of a thrift-store bin.

Ben R (nl) wrote: Hmm...interesting. Like most Bergman movies I've seen, there were some really beautiful haunting images throughout this movie. Specifically, I think of the growing horror as the boy stands still behind Johan, and the scene towards the end as Johan slowly runs his hand down Veronica's body. Those were two standout scenes.I'm not sure how I felt about the horror and the mindfucks of the movie, though. As Roger Ebert pointed out in his review, this is a movie that succeeds more if you just sit back and take in the images, rather than really trying to make sense of the story. Many things are left unclear; how much of the story is actually taking place in real life, and how much is in Johan's mind? I like Alma's line about how, in long relationships, people begin to look like each other and see through each other's eyes, but that can't be applied literally, right? Maybe this movie is specifically about the horrors of if that COULD be applied literally; could falling in love with an insane person make you insane, too?As interesting as those ideas are, they're not elaborated on much in the film. Mostly, the film is made up of those disturbing images. Normally, I enjoy slow-moving movies that are made up of strong imagery and vague thought-provoking ideas without necessarily telling a completely logical plot (see: Under the Skin). For this movie, though...I didn't get as much out of it as I could. For example, the scene with the man applying cosmetics to Johan's face didn't really scare me or enthrall me in any way. There were some great images, but not as many as the other Bergman dramas I've watched.

Jeff P (es) wrote: As always, Norton keeps your attention with every second that he is on screen. It is interesting watching the characters parallel each other, especially when one has a profession which forces him to judge others no matter how flawed he already is.

Mason B (ca) wrote: When not even great screen presences Samuel L. Jackson or Tom Wilkinson can elevate a film, you know you've got a bad one. It doesn't help that neither of them seem to care at all about the film they find themselves in, and neither of them could be bothered to try. The fact that Jackson, in all his lethargy, is still the best thing about this film tells you the lows this film sinks to. Jackson played Foley, who's out of prison on parole after twenty-five years. He's trying to go straight, but the son of his ex-partner forces him back into the job for one last grift. The first problem is the Samaritan is that it's premise is one we've heard several times before. The second is that it has a terrible screenplay that cannot transcend it's numerous cliches. The dialogue is uninspired and uninteresting, meanwhile the characters are undeveloped and terribly acted. The third problem is that it's stylistically and tonally uneven; at times it seems like the director can't decide which film he's actually directing. The worst part about the Samaritan is that it manages to be both tedious and unpleasant at the same time. The film takes itself dead-seriously, and somber attitude and attempts to shock the audience becomes very irritating. The Samaritan is a film that thinks it's cool, thinks it's clever, thinks it's edgy and provocative, but in the end it's just very, very stupid, very, very boring, and very, very unpleasant.