Mortal Thoughts

Mortal Thoughts

A loathsome man ends up dead, but it's not clear who's to blame. If ever a person got what he deserved, it's James Urbanksi, an abusive drunk who steals from his wife, Joyce, and promises her close friend Cynthia Kellogg that she'll be the next target of his rage. At a group outing, James bleeds to death after someone cuts his throat. But because he's such a terrible human being, police aren't sure which of his acquaintances decided to kill him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   sugar,   police,  

Cynthia Kellogg is interrogated by the police regarding the death of her best friend's bullying, verbally, physically abusive and drug-addicted husband. One night when all three are at the fair, the two girl found the man was found shot to death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diane R (es) wrote: Very well done movie. No swearing which is a nice break from other movies.

Private U (fr) wrote: awful film, very slow, very dull - nothing happened!!

Al M (br) wrote: Pig Hunt has a promising set-up: crazed rednecks, psycho hippie cult, giant killer boar, massive marijuana fields, etc. It sounds fairly original, but the movie just can't ever quite do anything interesting with its subject matter. Still it is a somewhat entertaining if ultimately disappointing piece of horror pablum.

Yeleysa C (nl) wrote: This is those kind of movies when it ends you feel like you wasted your time or you didn't see nothing interesting at all. Not a good story or maybe is the way they tried to show it.

Indira S (it) wrote: all i remember about this movie was that song, the soundtrack :D

Mara m (kr) wrote: This is one of my favourite horror classics, although it is my favourite, they really did not let us know who they actually killed, yes we know it was ben Willis, but then again who's David Egan? who was on the road? That was the only part that ruined it for me.

Melvin W (kr) wrote: Vince: Round here, he's known as Rod Almighty!"Don't pet them."What many have said is that Fierce Creatures is crap compared to the hilarious A Fish Called Wanda. I will say that even if we didn't have A Fish Called Wanda, this would still be a major disappointment. The movie just doesn't work. It's half as smart and one third as funny. The only thing it has going for it is its returning cast from Wanda. John Cleese always makes movies at least watchable and I will say that this was at least watchable.The story takes place in a zoo where a bunch of zookeepers and its original director fight to keep it alive despite a father-son(Kevin Klein) that hurt its integrity and threaten to shut it down. There's nothing here that is at all hilarious and when its at its best, it just manages to be amusing. It all manages to seem like a cash in on Wanda, which in reality, it is.Basically the movie recycles the same jokes throughout the movie and the sad thing is that the jokes weren't funny the first time. It's all sexual innuendo sometimes including animals and the jokes are always used in the same context; making for an extremely dull comedy. This was a disappointment in every possible way.

Danny O (fr) wrote: This film was a very hard gem to find, thankfully You tube had this, isn't technology incredible. Burnt-out civil rights lawyer James Woods's career has devolved into defense for known drug dealers. But he gets a shot at redemption when a starry-eyed legal assistant (Robert Downey Jr.) goads him into taking the case of an innocent man who's spent 8 years in jail for a murder he didn't commit. Not many people know about this film and it's one of the most unknown courtroom dramas of all-time. Much of the suspense in this film is very much based on the stroy itself, it starts out as a normal case with a normal start then starts to spiral into a story of twists and turns that are fully entertaining and thrilling at the same time. The real strength of True Believer is the amazing performance from James Woods. You can feel him struggle with the case in all and then start to struggle with winning it. He's so able to put a spin on things, he doesn't play the same character throughout the whole film. He changes how he acts depending on how the case goes and you can just feel the frustration and anger that he has towards this case. Also a young Robert Downey Jr. does a reasonable job at Woods' crony, but it's certainly not one of his best. There are some problems I had with this film. I have seen the trailer for this film many of times before I saw this and I feel like the editing was very rushed. I say this because many of the scenes from the trailer were not in the film and I felt like the editing was rushed just so they could get the movie out there. Also the film felt like a courtroom TV show. With the cheesy music, episodic feel, and compelling made-for-TV story. I just think I didn't feel like I was watching a big-time film. The courtroom scenes are very compelling and although there aren't many they are great and create a sense of anger in the air. Most of the anger is directed right from the performance of James Woods. Consensus: True Believer is a story you have seen before but the way James Woods puts a twist on it, it is surely an underrated great watch. 8/10=Rentall!!

Greg W (au) wrote: not bad sequel to the 1973 smash hit

Kevin J (ru) wrote: 43 years after its release, Mean Streets manages to still somehow feel entirely unique and original. Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro are fantastic in this incredibly gritty and realistic look at New York City in the early 1970s. Featuring Scorsese trademarks all over the place, the storytelling here is vintage Scorsese and that alone sets it apart from other films in the crime genre. The religious debate here and attempts at wholesomeness of the protagonist while also being dragged through the mud by those around him is a truly engrossing struggle that one must figure resembles Scorsese's own turmoil. The film is incredibly gritty and clearly highly influential in the crime genre, as well as film as a whole. For this, it is nearly impossible to overlook Mean Streets even if I prefer some of his other works, especially those released in the immediate aftermath of this one. That said, it is a fantastic piece of film that feels brand new even though it has been four decades since it first hit cinemas.

Rick R (br) wrote: sitting on my dvd player to watch

John Eric D (ru) wrote: It is surprisingly good, not bad at all. I mean this is maybe the most sensible in the series yet. It's still generic as expected. But then the story line has the human touch of a vampire flick. Bloody slashes, and gore violence all over. For all the video game enthusiast who wants some vampire gore madness on midnights. This will definitely feed you. Enjoy with or without alcohol required.

John M (es) wrote: That's so 90's. So this is about a proprietor of local children's bookstore (Meg Ryan), gearing up for war when a large chain bookstore moves into the neighborhood and threatens to put her out of business. This company that is moving in is led by an affable man (Tom Hanks), and it isn't long before they are butting heads. What they don't realize is that they may have already crossed paths anonymously in an AOL chat room. This movie is a blast from the past; there are so many technological elements featured in this movie that have already become long obsolete, despite this being made only 16 years ago. There is dial-up internet and its unique sound that will give you an acid flashback, AOL being considered to be a leading internet provider, and people getting excited over e-mails instead of dreading the day when you go multiple days without clearing out your inbox... it's all 90's 90's 90's. This has a cute setup, and, as my fianc has stated on a number of occasions, Tom Hanks is a national treasure (she's the quotable funny one). He shares a believable, genuine chemistry with Meg Ryan, as she's spunky and very likable. Now I haven't seen Sleepless in Seattle (90's rom-coms are a bit of a blind spot for me), so I can't compare this to their other most famous co-starring movie, but I will say that this is light and enjoyable. The one big problem that you frequently see pop up in a lot of romantic comedies is when the entire plot of the movie could be solved if the two leads bothered to stop and communicate with one another. While that is technically true here, it's not bothersome; they fix this by allowing Hanks' character to hold all the cards. And besides, this takes place long before people knew how to properly use the internet, so you have plenty of monologues and soliloquies of people pouring their hearts out to complete strangers. You get to see a lot of familiar faces now before these actors broke out, like Steve Zahn, Greg Kinnear, Parker Posey and even Dave Chappelle. They are able to add quite a bit as side characters that can have the tendency to be thankless roles that people don't talk about. The thing about this is that I am well aware that I am not the intended audience for this, but I still found this to be enjoyable. That speaks pretty highly of a film when you can acknowledge that it's not for you, and you can still admit you had a fun time watching it.