Documentary almanac directed by the great cinematographer Mikhail Kaufman about the life of the Soviet capital.

Documentary almanac directed by the great cinematographer Mikhail Kaufman about the life of the Soviet capital. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric R (nl) wrote: Caterpillar is the latest film from Japanese master-filmmaker Koji Wakamatsu's latest film Caterpillar is a powerful, unflinching denunciation of the militarist-nationalism of Japan. Taking place during the Sino-Japanese War, we are introduced to Kyuzo, a man who has lost both his arms and legs in the war, returns home to be praised for his sacrifices and heralded as a war god. His wife, Shigeko, takes care of him, as is her duty as a woman in Japanese culture. Shigeko spends her time taking care of Shigeko; cleaning him, tending to him sexually, and bringing him to all of his military engagements where he is praised for his sacrifices. Shigeko is an amazing character in this film that personifies what Japanese woman faced during these times. She sees her husband in shambles, almost unrecognizable as a man and yet must parade him around as some sort of show piece for the army. Her character is multifaceted as she gets to the point where she begins to almost blame Kyuzo for what has happened to him, mocking him as this "war god". Shinobu Terajima is just down right brilliant as Skigeko giving easily one of the best performances of the year. She is fragile, troubled and even borderline psychotic in this film as she views what this Japanese war culture has done to her husband. Koji Wakamatsu has a made a powerful, unflinching film against war that would make Samuel Fuller proud.

vieras e (ag) wrote: Dancing, singing and music are a huge part of this film. Almost everybody either sings or dances in this film, and yet this is not a musical. And even though this isn't exactly a happy, cheery film, largely thanks to the music it is still very vibrant and full of matter how gritty that life may be.Some say this film is supposed to be about gypsy persecution (there are a few scenes that hint at that) but, to me, it's more like a weird kind of road movie. Some also complain about it not being realistic, but as far as I know, the director never claimed it to be. In fact it is the exact opposite. In my opinion, it is about Zingarina's escape from reality in order to rediscover herself. Think Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz, only for adults.

Stevie S (us) wrote: I could not finish this movie.

Rebecca W (jp) wrote: This is definitely one of my top favorite movies. Great story & music!!????

Corey J (ca) wrote: Works as a light comedy but I think you've got to be a dyke to enjoy it:P

Boogie B (ru) wrote: Enjoyed this as a kid, and I still enjoy it 2day.

Matthew S (au) wrote: I saw this when I was a kid and it had just come out. I would see it years later at The Harvard Archive. This is a truly brilliant and often forgotten film.It is is actually pretty amazing that John Huston was able to come even close to capturing Flannery O'Connor's truly strange novel. More than coming "close," Huston actually equals her twisted book.Benedict and Michael Fitzgeralds' screenplay is on target, but one really has to credit John Huston with the sheer nerve to tap into the vibe of this O'Connor's darkly comical Southern-Gothica study of free will, sexism, racism, sin and redemption. The infamous novel had a great deal to provoke and shock in the early 1950's. It says something that Huston has just as much to deliver as our country crept out of the 1970's.Sadly underrated, Brad Dourif is cast in the leading role. And he is the perfect actor to capture "Hazel Motes" down to the very bones. Even more tragically underrated, Amy Wright, is equally potent in bringing "Sabbath Lily" to life. Add The One & Only Harry Dean Stanton to the mix as "Asa Hawks" and you have the perfect storm of actors to bring this experimental film to the full boiling point.This is also the best work that the late Cinematographer, Gerry Fisher, ever did. In my opinion this movie is very nearly flawless. It has been "over-looked" for years. Criterion released it within their collection a while back. Fingers-crossed that they will soon do a 4K remaster to blu-ray/HD format.While many consider this to be a Cult Film, I think it a cinematic masterpiece. See it and prepare to be challenged.No likeswise blood john huston independent film film art film theory american film brad dourif amy wright harry dean stanton gerry fisher cinematography flannery o'connor southern gothica cinematic provocation cinematic masterpiece the criterion collection

Conrad T (ag) wrote: Thoroughly revealed Woody Allen's talent in this movie. Clever and wit dialogues. However there were a lot of similarities the way he acts in his later production.

Matt S (gb) wrote: Wow, most incredible film

Taylor B (us) wrote: I was a little harsh on this film to begin with but after seeing it this past week it was actually pretty funny. I wasn't into Lego's as a kid but it was interesting how well they made this into an animated film. Probably one of the best stop motion films I have seen. Dialogue was great, Characters were easily likeable and story keep me interested. I guess you can say Everything is Awesome with this film