Moskovskaya elegiya

Moskovskaya elegiya

A film in homage to Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky. It concentrates on his absence from the Soviet Union and what he left behind. There are episodes of his funeral and places he lived ...

A film in homage to Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky. It concentrates on his absence from the Soviet Union and what he left behind. There are episodes of his funeral and places he lived ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Subeg S (jp) wrote: Really well made film showing the struggles people face in modern India.

Lee M (de) wrote: The extremity of the film's slice-and-dice approach is invigorating at the outset but may also prompt viewers to suspect they're being challenged for no good reason. In the final analysis, it does reward the dedicated with a searing portrait of a man struggling with perspective, hunting for a way to bring himself back from the edge and prove himself to a world waiting for him. There's genuine beauty beneath the bustle.

ka (ca) wrote: a simple love for family

Nicholas M (us) wrote: I was really surprised having seen Iraq for sale and fahrenheit 9/11, I really expected a shoddily made poor documentary. It blew me away, shooting style was great amazing interviews, very little bias I was aware of- truly the full history of "mercs" :P

Troy K (mx) wrote: It is a good movie, but it just didn't connect with me.

Private U (ca) wrote: si loin des contes de fes traditionnels...une histoire d'amour, en toute simplicit; une vraie histoire si proche de la ralit, avec ses joies, ses peines, ses concessions, etc. A voir!!!

Scott R (ru) wrote: Exceedingly well acted, tightly scripted and directed, Erin Brockovich is a joy to watch

Irmina V (au) wrote: I expected something better from Loach

Chris H (gb) wrote: An intriguing story that is powered by the consistently good Denzel Washington. The main downfall of this film comes from the wooden acting by Ray Allen and the TV movie vibe that it gives off. That being said there are still some very powerful moments in this film.

Christopher K (fr) wrote: I personally don't think anything could have been done to avoid this. Although I do not personally ascribe to it, I can perfectly understand how Geronimo and his people felt. Better to go down fighting for what you believe in, in the right to live free, as opposed to a slow and humiliating death.

Scott J (mx) wrote: Noir'y is as noir'y does.

Stella D (jp) wrote: wonderful gothic atmosphere but there's an odd tone to the film and you'll soon discover why. i still can't decide if the ending is clever or just ridiculous. not browning's finest hour but worth seeing

Jorge Mauricio M (ag) wrote: Very good film, directed by McTiernan, and a good dealing, including Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Irons.

Mike P (au) wrote: Good inspirational movie even if it stretches the truth a bit.

Nathan C (fr) wrote: This was a Clever Idea, But it was another Book Adaptation. This movie is the one of them that can lead you the path to find a good looking film,Thomas: The Leading Role Played by Dylan O' Brian contributes the urgent.A movie that is an announcement to a fan footage film which is not a bad book adaptation. I suppose the Director has read the book before.There was some Violence from these kids. Most of it was Chaotic and about how to survive in the maze.Score: 8.5/10

James B (nl) wrote: Decent. Not super compelling but worth a watch if you're in the mood for a random action movie.

Cameron W (it) wrote: This was a great story. You kind of have to know it will have a religious slant so please don't be surprised going in. I loved it. Good acting and great heart.

Cornell W (br) wrote: Good actors, bad script.

Leon B (mx) wrote: Review:I really found this movie interesting and somewhat, intriguing. I didn't really see the point of the experiment when it first started but once Stanley Milgram (Peter Sarsgaard) started to explain exactly what he was trying to achieve, it did light a light bulb in my head. Its one of those films were there isn't an conclusion or a reason why people do what they do, which made the concept very debatable. Basically, in 1961, Stanley Milgram created a test were a person would ask another person various questions, and if they got them wrong, they would get an electric shock. The electric shock would increase every time the question was answered wrong, so the real test is; do you give them the electric shock if you know that you are causing the individual pain. If you ask anyone, they would say that wouldn't have given the electric shock but the statistics are quite shocking. I personally think that a lot of the people giving the shocks, felt that they had to go ahead with the treatment because they were getting paid but that just my personal opinion. The fact the the person in the other room was actually an actor and he wasn't receiving any shocks at all, makes the treatment very interesting and extremely deceptive. All the way through his life, Stanley Milgram was questioned about his tactics and outrageous results from the test, so he had to prove, numerous times, what he was trying to achieve. With that aside, the performances were great from Sarsgaard and his wife, Alexandra 'Sasha' Milgram, whose was played by Winona Ryder. I liked the way that Stanley was talking to the camera to explain certain matters and it's the first film were I have seen the director using the real black and white background to show how the real environment was. Anyway, I was thoroughly entertained throughout the movie but I personally think that the experiments should have taken place throughout the movie because the different people's reactions were what made the concept so great. Enjoyable!Round-Up:Although the cast seems quite big, most of the actors are only in a couple of the scenes during the test. It was good to see the personal side of Stanley Milgram but you don't really get to know, what exactly is going on in his head. He seemed to glide through life in a world of his own but the director did show how important his wife and kids were in his life. Anyway, this movie was directed by Michael Almereyda, who brought you the awful Cymbeline (Anarchy: Ride or Die), Nadja, another version of Hamlet and Happy Here & Now. He hasn't got a great track record in the directing chair, which is why this movie didn't make any noise in Hollywood but it's still an interesting topic which was worth bringing to light.I recommend this movie to people who are into their biography/history/dramas starring John Palladino, Peter Sarsgaard. Winona Ryder. Anthony Edwards, Jim Gaffigan, John Leguizamo, Anton Yelchin and Harley Ware. 6/10

Carl T (de) wrote: Fuck the reviews, this ones cool.