Start of nterstellar expedition equipped by "pioneers"(soviet scouts). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moskva-Kassiopeya torrent reviews

Bryan P (mx) wrote: A low budget looking film that is about an earthquake traveling across America. They need to try and stop it before it spears all the way across and into the sea

Jakir A (ru) wrote: Just adds fuel to the awaited Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu coming soon..Liked the bubbly performance by Kareena - one of her best I've seen...

Jacqueline O (ru) wrote: It is what it says it is. This chick is utterly demented and the deaths are pretty good. Keep in mind this is an underground low budget flick so don't expect the best of quality or the best of acting. Leslie was great and I loved the special features with her interview. Thumbs up for this twisted flick yet it could have been executed a little better.

Marta R (au) wrote: It was cool to watch, especially to see how people really get into it, and the structure necessary to make them... BUT, unless you're into it...

Alan V (ag) wrote: Craptivity. Predictable and shockingly tame.

Meg G (gb) wrote: Worth watching - refreshing twist and Cassandra was endearing

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Never heard of this !

Linda b (gb) wrote: it's got more to it than just the

ld p (br) wrote: Great movie but lousy DVD. See some of the other review and watch this. I heard a lot about this film when it came out but failed to see it in the theater. Really this might be Nicholson's finest role. However the DVD transfer of this film is just horrendous. Words cannot describe how poor it views on a large screen. Its as bad as a video tape of a poor cable channel. However great story great actors great costumes sets. Is this available on new transfer DVD or Blue Ray I need to get a blue ray. four stars.

AJ R (es) wrote: Saw this over the weekend! I enjoyed it! I thought the ending would have been obvious but it wasn't. Great flick

AlSameer C (de) wrote: Captain America: The First Avenger is a underrated gem that is very deserving of more attention. It's first 45 minutes might just be one of the most memorable parts of the movie since it has great pacing and characters on who Steve Rogers is.Chris Evans did a great symbol on the American Hero and Hugo Weaving is a watchable Red Skull. After the First Act finishes, the pacing can be all over the place and most is for a commerical for The Avengers,but it is still decently enjoyable. Please give this thing the respect it possibly even needs.

Jamin M (gb) wrote: Alright uhh...not sure what to say about this one. I actually wasn't interested in Happy Feet Two when it came out because I felt it wasn't needed. I didn't even wanna see it when it was out of theaters. My boyfriend really wanted me to see it. So I gave in and watched it on Disney Channel. What do I think? Well, as great as the animation and visuals are, I don't think it's as good as it's predecessor. The narrative felt really incoherent and cluttered with too many subplots, therefore not allowing for lots of character development for the protagonist Eric. He's a nice kid, but I don't find him that engaging. He's really cute though. What worked with the original movie was that it had one main story. This one has too many. What really don't like about the film was it's use of really well-known actors voicing characters that didn't have much to do with the story, specifically Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and Sophia Vergara. They're really talented actors and I'm sure even they felt that they're talent was wasted. The song sequences save for the last are not really memorable, neither is the comedy. Watching the movie wasn't a waste of my time or anything. Maybe if there was more plot-related focus, better comedy, and developed characters it would've been better. The visuals are still great, the plot is fine even it's unfocused, and the final song number is pretty good. It was also cool to see Mumble and Gloria in parental roles. All in all, Happy Feet Two isn't awful, but I'm gonna stick with the first film

Riff J (ru) wrote: A classic. Terrifying and scary beyond belief. It may have some lulls in it, but I think they are by design on order to accentuate the accompanying scares. Very well done!

Danny S (de) wrote: A decent disaster picture with some unexpected moments to keep you guessing what would happen next. Still, it is nothing exceptional. Kit's final line is incredibly cheesy.

David D (ru) wrote: Really enjoyable movie biopic, excellent soundtrack!