Hae Gook (Park Hae Il) travels to a reclusive village to attend his father's funeral. He wants to find out the reason behind his father's strange death, but the villagers, in particular village chief Cheon (Jung Jae Young), seem to be watching his every move and eager to see him leave. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Hae Gook enlists the help of prosecutor Park (Yoo Jun Sang) to slowly unravel the village's sinister secrets.

A mysterious person calls a young man and informs him that his estranged father has died in a country village. The curious son travels to the town to discover what happened. From there out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moss torrent reviews

Dena S (fr) wrote: Cute short movie and funny

Nicole T (fr) wrote: A very good underrated movie.

Matt R (kr) wrote: Not bad, more of the same really - but I enjoy the Seagal routine.... my main gripe must be one that has popped up a few times, in these DTV's they sometimes dub his voice in some scenes (not all), I can only imagine recording was bad and he refused to rerecord or something like that, just for me it's so bad... after all thats part of what Steven Seagal is that cool whispery voice....

Marta R (au) wrote: Nothing is ever black or white... GOOD FILM.

Doris K (ru) wrote: my friend - patrice veasy acted in this show :D

Dan A (de) wrote: Wow this movies sucks. Makes me ashamed to be gay. Ugh. Can the acting be any worse??? This should be in the 'don't let this happen to you' for acting classes.

Adam A (ru) wrote: The film can be a bit cliche'd, but the story has alot of heart and honesty to it. Dorff does a great job as well.

Liew J (kr) wrote: The story is very poor.... Only fighting sequence can attract me... Donnie Yen is really good in creating action cinematography...

Gabriella P (br) wrote: Sooo fricking booring. This was a piece of crap.. except for David Bowie ofc <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 and <3

Harry E (kr) wrote: Nice little Scotland Yard noir-type mystery from early in Sirk's Hollywood career. Good cast, nice images, and an absolutely smashing cameo by Boris Karloff.EDIT: I should add that watching this film at a time when news reports are widely covering the 'Craigslist killer' brings out an entirely new dimension to the film, a rather complex one of hidden fantasies found deviant by society, a theme that Sirk would go on to probe in his most famous films. Fascinating stuff.

Greg W (br) wrote: a moody mystery melodrama that is noirish in many ways.

D Z (br) wrote: Its okay but I've seen far better.

Maha M (it) wrote: The ending was very good but overall average

Cole B (nl) wrote: Best sports me ever How can people not like this?!