A poetic and powerful story of a father forced to choose between love and duty.

A poetic and powerful story of a father forced to choose between love and duty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarrod S (fr) wrote: first one was better..

Samra M (br) wrote: There were some REALLY funny moments in this overall pointless, low brow and lame movie ... but remember you CANNOT watch it with your brains on and plus except a lot of cheap and sick jokes that come in the package ... !!!

Ligo S (it) wrote: close to struggles, ambition, and jeaoulsy but closer to desire, sex, and love. not the cliche sexual odessy but nothing unexpected in terms of that.

James H (br) wrote: It was better than I was expecting, but that isn't saying too much. It has a few good scares, but it's biggest downfall is some of the acting. Most are alright, but a couple of them really stink.

XxFatimaXx (fr) wrote: Do u think it's nice .

Lauren P (es) wrote: I have loved this film since I was 12 years old and still do it's just a great film I know Christina Ricci she was in Casper and The Addams Family wasn't she

Simon M (jp) wrote: Uneven, LONG dark comedy which has its moments and introduces North America to the highly talented Lee Evans. Who? Well it wasn't a successful introduction...

Ale G (us) wrote: Best movie of all time !!!

Martin K (nl) wrote: Interesting stuff! Worth the time, although slightly disturbing!

Cara B (nl) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, but about half of it was indecipherable. Sorry, but I'm not very British. It poses as an anti-war film, but it almost praises the ability of a goon to attain a high position in the military and send his men to the slaughter. Some parts were obviously trying to be emotional, but I'm not sure if they really worked because of the slapstick humor and sarcasm. John Lennon is one of the stars, so Beatles fans will at least take pleasure in his performance.

WakeWRC89 (fr) wrote: Another early classic in the James Bond franchise. Sean Connery at his very best and in his prime of the ones he starred in. Brilliant to watch in Blu ray.

D M (ru) wrote: The first Bond film. Even from the very beginning of the film series, Bond had all the tropes you come to expect. Ursula Andress is gorgeous as is the tropical scenery and set design.

Rico F (ag) wrote: Having re-watched this for the second time, I now remember why I enjoyed it initially. It is the type of movie that makes you look back on your own high school days and envision what your 10-year high school reunion would be like. Female versions of Dumb & Dumber, Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino share great on-screen chemistry. Sold soundtrack as well with 'Time After Time'. Worth a watch.

Maria M (br) wrote: Heart touching movie....

Steve D (ag) wrote: A missed gem that for me was the best comedy of the year. The stars are fantastically funny and the story absurdly entertaining.