A man whose wife has died remarries, and his new wife has a daughter of her own from a previous marriage. The man's young son, however, who loved his mother deeply and misses her terribly, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mother torrent reviews

Ali J (br) wrote: Two Thumbs UP ! a real simple classic form of melodrama !

Cloey R (jp) wrote: This is literally the best movie I have ever seen

Erin M (mx) wrote: This got such excellent reviews when it was first released, but I saw very little here to justify them. Perhaps the immediacy at the time pushed the ratings up? The documentarian seems to think he's as interesting as his subjects, who - in some cases - aren't relating many memorable anecdotes.

Heather W (de) wrote: Another under rated comedy. I laugh so hard at this movie I cry every time I watch it!

Rasmus Bo V (de) wrote: one of my favorite movies of all time...

Deke P (gb) wrote: classic, iconic. Peter Fonda was never better

Jorban J (jp) wrote: A plot fit for a 3-stooges short. This was no gangster film.

Manya M (it) wrote: The acting is absolutely great (I had to hold my breath several times just because of the fine performances) and while the story is extremely depressing, you can't help but want to know what will happen next.

Kane H (de) wrote: It's one of my favourite movie and it's a most see for rap fans

Alexander B (ag) wrote: Snyder's career (as of 2016) peeks in what is his best movie to date.He expertly manages to capture a story in the notoriously bad for story horror genre. The opening scenes of this film are some of the best in any film and puts the viewer right into the action without pulling or pushing them into it. Snyder excels at creating a believable zombie outbreak film way ahead of the current "serious" adaptation shows and movies that follow. In many ways, it is heartbreaking to watch this film today. It is the exact thing you want from a Snyder film, fast paced action that organically builds into and from a well constructed plot with smooth character development that lends the viewer ease when suspending their disbelief. Sadly, he never delivers it again.

Dave B (mx) wrote: predictable with some ludicrous plot elements (the accidental sword death!)