Henri Verneuil was born Achod Malakian of Armenian parentage on October 15, 1920, in Rodosto, Turkey, and his family fled to France and settled in Marseilles when he was a young child. He later recounted his childhood experience in the novel Mayrig, which he dedicated to his mother and made into this 1991 film with the same name.

How a mother acts in the hardest parts of her, and her children's lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo M (kr) wrote: Comdia romntica ingnua cujo maior atrativo inserir Woody Allen como fio condutor do enredo.

JeanAntoine B (ag) wrote: Amazingly touching. It's a movie that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Great story of intolerance in religion and splendid ending which refers directly to the title. A real work of art from Nadine Labaki and great acting.

Tyler R (au) wrote: This movie was very different. It was gory and bloody and had a couple scenes that were really nasty that has things I've never seen before. The movie did the gore right but the plot and dialogue were poor and lots of things made no sense.

Maddy C (ag) wrote: Long gone are the days are child's play. Harry Potter is dark, emotional and brilliant. This first part of the final instalment is more thrilling than ever and much more serious. Friendships are stretched to their limits, emotions are running high and time is running out. A fantastic, action packed film that needs to be seen.

Muffin M (nl) wrote: Set in the late 19th century. When a ruthless robber baron takes away everything they cherish, a rough-and-tumble, idealistic peasant and a sophisticated heiress embark on a quest for justice, vengeance...and a few good heists. stars Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Steve Zahn, Dwight Yoakam, Sam Shepard, Denis Arndt, Audra Blaser, Ismael 'East' Carlo, Carlos Cervantes, Jose Maria Negri, Joseph D. Reitman, Israel "East" Carlo, Humberto Elizondo, Ismael Carlo, Edgar Vivar, Ernesto Gomez Cruz, Gary Carlos Cervantes and Lenny Zundel.directed by Joachim Rnning and Espen Sandberg.

Norman F (ca) wrote: Phenomenal movie with an unfortunate ending.

The Next Starfighter (mx) wrote: Cheap Mad Max wannabe. Could have used more action. Entertaining none the less. This title is kinda of rare, it has never been released on DVD and is only available on VHS(at this time).

Eric G (ru) wrote: Unfortuneatly, Aiello can't save this turd from getting flushed. Very poor movie.

Nicholas L (it) wrote: The movie seems like a John Hughes creation but it's able to go beyond that caricature and progress into a movie about committed love and the reality of premarital sex and the sanctity of an unborn life

Tim W (ru) wrote: Beautiful love story of the insane French woman.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: good sherlock holmes movie

vi C (br) wrote: It's the wonder that's keeping the stars apart. I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart. - E.E. Cummings

Robert G (kr) wrote: When they joked about the sequel not being as good as the first movie, they were right. It was off to a great start, but lack many laughs or good cameos, Tina Fey was great, however. Ricky Gervais on the other hand didn't really provide anything too unique that a different actor could have pulled off.

nipp s (mx) wrote: Good movie, not great.... I wasn't expecting a great movie since it's supposed to be fairly accurate and accurate doesn't make for a fluid story.... I'm glad this didn't try to show Assange as some sort of prophet who can do no wrong. The fact is he is a rapist who couldn't care less about the lives of others as long as he has access to their secrets. p.s. Ladies, you can't trust a weirdo who dyes his hair white