Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters

A black comedy set in the contrasting worlds of a dilapidated North London council house, a middle class dinner party in a Fulham mansion block and an expensive psychiatrist's couch. Drug ...

A black comedy set in the contrasting worlds of a dilapidated North London council house, a middle class dinner party in a Fulham mansion block and an expensive psychiatrist's couch. Drug ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael C (au) wrote: I give the movie a little credit for the attempt of what they tried to accomplish.The take of a virus pasted through a Facebook like social media website is kinda a neat idea. However, the "social media controls the world" theme has been done, a lot, and in much better ways. I did give and extra half a star for seeing a chick drill into her own head though.

Dylan B (au) wrote: I made it a little over an hour into this movie until i just had to turn it off. Far from SLJ's best work. I have pity for anyone who has to sit through this movie, or anyone who has.

Amanda H (br) wrote: I actually didn't hate this, and I'm pretty surprised since I usually hate this genre. Aubrey Plaza is pretty much always fun, and for once I really enjoyed Rachel Bilson in her role. The multitude of 90s references were good for a laugh and while there really isn't much point, it's not a complete waste of time.

William P (it) wrote: Not bad for a tranny movie! Don't expect anything and you will like it, couple of hot guys in it.

Michael S (fr) wrote: One of my favorite "chick flicks" probably because it focus on the guys point of view instead of the girls plus I like the odd sort of love triangle in the film.

Becca D (ag) wrote: Tragic. The Children of war.

Jonathan G (au) wrote: A Walk Among The Tombstones was more of a Noir than an action film. Neeson was the only reason to watch this movie- otherwise poor writing, acting, full of cliches, and cheap indie lighting. I did like the "Black Hole Sun" cover at the credits. Otherwise not worth your while. Rating: 5 / 10

Aidan M (jp) wrote: Johnny Depp is excellent as troubled writer Mort Rainey. His sarcastic and cynical portrayal of a man who has been recently divorced is A+. Supporting cast does well. Some well placed metaphors at the start and end of the film can bring a slightly different light to watching thos film on the second go.

Andy A (fr) wrote: This movie is really bad. There is no characterization, and even the sex scenes are boring and uninteresting.

Mark A (au) wrote: A movie whose terribleness is used, seemingly and strangely enough, as a plot device. Nothing about it makes any sense up until the last ten minutes, when multiple plot twists are thrown in to try and save face. It's seriously bizarre stuff, and none of it worked for me

Grant S (jp) wrote: Moderately entertaining drama, detailing the life of a gangster in 1920s Melbourne. Interesting mostly from an historic perspective. However, not very compelling. Is pretty much a blow-by-blow biopic, with very little in the way of background or motivations. Character elaboration is basic. Ending is overly abrupt.Performances are so-so. David Atkins is okay as Squizzy Taylor. Kacki Weaver had yet to find the form which saw her receive Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominations for Animal Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook. Her performance is a touch irritating, in fact.As mentioned, interesting mostly from an historic perspective, especially if you want a glimpse into 1920s Australia.

Marcus W (it) wrote: Fine work from Lumet, but even finer work from Steiger

Evan T (mx) wrote: It felt like an episode of Goosebumps but with gore.

Denise A (au) wrote: A great independent film. Really funny.

Lanky Man P (de) wrote: I would have expected more from Robert Redford.

Joshua L (de) wrote: Its a sad but nice story, The movie itself was just boring.

Michael P (nl) wrote: Awful...couldn't finish

Cameo L (ag) wrote: This movie was a really cute kids movie.

Iain B (jp) wrote: The Rock is better at comedy than the comedians