Moto 7: The Movie

Moto 7: The Movie

A film that rewrites the moto playbook, with the biggest jumps, the gnarliest tracks, and some of the most remote locations a motorcycle has ever touched.

MOTO7: A film that rewrites the moto playbook, with the biggest jumps, the gnarliest tracks, and some of the most remote locations a motorcycle has ever touched. Experience Blake Baggett's newly-developed El Chupacabra Ranch in Florida, one of the most gargantuan home tracks ever made, where Baggett and Ken Roczen enjoy a daily routine of riding light speed fast laps with an almost lackadaisical ease. Three miles away, Aldon Baker trains factory superstars Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musqin and Jason Anderson on a program fit for Seal Team Six. Then there's the Smokey Mountains in Idaho, where the Sipes brothers Ryan and Justin go to feel the sweet serenity of a man, his motorcycle, and countless miles of natural single-track. All of these riders are taking moto to territories it has never seen, be that on the stopwatch or the trail map. There's Colton Haaker, the Endurocross phenom whose bike-control and technical abilities are that of superhuman levels. Then of course, Justin Barcia, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tamiko C (fr) wrote: it is the best movie ever

Todd S (de) wrote: This is not a story that deserves a film adaptation, however the Lifetime network felt differently and produced a movie based on this very benign story, that captivated the nation. For those who are unaware, this is a true story that happened in Boston, five years ago. A Boston medical student, on the verge of getting married, spends his nights cruising Craigslist's exotic services page, in order to find woman he can humiliate, but the story takes a tragic turn when he accidentally kills one of them. The story made national headlines and people became obsessed with why such a smart, successful man, would do these terrible things. Usually, films that are based on real life events are the most compelling, but the Craigslist Killer is different, for the fact that he wasn't active for very long. Much of this movie is focused on the killer's normal life and relationship with his fiancee. It's a lot of romantic garbage and stuff about their relationship and in fact we don't see his dark side revealed until much later in the movie. There wasn't even an interesting police angle or manhunt for this guy, as the police simply traced his IP address and got his picture from security cameras. The acting was the only thing I enjoyed about this film as Jake McDorman is fantastic playing a man with two personas. His fiancee is played by the beautiful, Agnes Bruckner, who was also very good, if not a bit naive and obsessive. The true story may have captivated the nation, but the film about the Craigslist Killer has no bite and was just plain boring.

Michael C (ca) wrote: I watched the beginning and thought to my self this is boring so I turned it off

Oscar H (au) wrote: Vad hller du p med, Steven? En koreansk lgbudgetremake av Rocky r inte direkt vad en "stjrna" br engagera sig i. Jag orkar inte lngre.

Pavan R (fr) wrote: A very Indie feel to this one...great effort for a directorial debut...was interesting mix of a suspense thriller and comedy with a dark and surreal foundation...makes a great watch !

Joy J (ag) wrote: There is no better Christmas movie. Unless you pair it with The Ref.

John R (us) wrote: 160616: I will never look at Seagulls the same way. A good father son film.

Tom G (es) wrote: Emotional and Inspirational. Great music as well.

Tim A (ru) wrote: that was my grammy's name :)

Jimmy P (au) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first, yet I find it pretty entertaining. The humorous and dramatic bits are not balanced very well (ex. when it cuts to the house fire right after a very hilarious moment) and a lot of the dark moments just feel extremely forced. I personally think the movie should have stuck to a more humorous tone. Great supporting cast, though, despite the movie's flaws.The main reason to watch this film, in my opinion, is Ashcan & Pete - Jon Polito and Adam Goldberg sounded like they were having a blast voicing those two goofball dogs.

Blake P (kr) wrote: As a period piece, "Impromptu" is kind of perfect. The costumes are all marvelous, the performances elegant, and the sets are designed to every detail to match the century that they're set in. The 1800s have never been so nice to look at, and have never been so enticing. We're so used to seeing "Pride and Prejudice"-esque films, but to see one filled with musicians and artists that were in fact, real, it's a bit more interesting. Though "Impromptu" is at first glimpse, a Chopin biography, it focuses on his lover, George Sand (Judy Davis). Sand is completely independent-- she never cared about what others thought and did what she wanted. Davis has the wit and class needed to play Sand, and it's easy to root for her as she tries to seduce Chopin. The film doesn't chronicle either characters entire life, but sometime in the later 1830s, a time where Sand was doing everything possible to get the guy. Chopin was Polish, with a big nose, and was always frail looking. In this film he's played by Hugh Grant, who would later become an actor all women would swoon over. Though he doesn't necessarily match the composer in looks, he somehow manages to let us believe that this is the man in the flesh. In the meantime, it's rather difficult for Sand to retrieve Chopin for herself at first-- the former's jilted lover, Felicien Mallefille (Georges Corraface) is desperate for revenge and Chopin's good friend Franz Liszt (Julien Sands), also a composer, has a lover (Bernadette Peters) that wants Chopin for herself. We can all tell how it will play out, but "Impromptu" is much too entertaining and well-acted to make anything seem manipulative. Chopin is one of the best and most influential composers of all time. I can't think of a different "biography" (is it really one?) that's more respectful, all the while being as glamorous and fun as a film should be. The film doesn't revolve around him, per se, but his music floats throughout many scenes, and it's simply wonderful to hear. Does "Impromptu" give much insight? Not really. If anything, it's fluffy. It's like a romance movie. Oddly enough, it doesn't feel out of place-- this is the kind of story where love stories are at their best. Considering Chopin was considered a composer of the "romantic period" of music, it seems fitting. "Impromptu" is by turns funny, dramatic, and romantic, so I guess you could say it's uneven. It also stays a bit confusing throughout, as much isn't exactly explained. But if you have enough inside knowledge when it comes to the life of Chopin, it's lots of fun to watch. And if none of the above appeals to you, simply see the film for its performances-- the above mentioned are superb, while fleeting characters portrayed by Emma Thompson, Mandy Patinkin, and Bernadette Peters are enjoyable.

Jason C (br) wrote: Forgotten eighties teen/sci-fi mash up. Not particularly good but an interesting premise. Funny that a film called My Science Project still pushes the 'geeks' to the background, though it redeems itself toward the end. Mostly a mess, this is the type of film that could benefit from a remake. And yes, that is the same John Stockwell that would go on to direct an abnormal number of films that feature water. I give it a extra half star for nostalgia and for Dennis Hopper's pre-Blue Velvet gas inhalation.

Spookie M (gb) wrote: Ralph bakshi in fine form in this classic animated fantasy.

David W (nl) wrote: Love the campiness of the tv series. Felt more of a TV movie instead of an actually film

Logan M (jp) wrote: At just over an hour, "Dumbo" doesn't use any more time than it needs to tell a powerful animated story.

Brad S (ag) wrote: Another "cult classic" that i finally got around to watching, and again i wasn't impressed. Visually the film looks great, the B&W cinematography is stunning. The film doesn't have anything else going for it in my opinion, it was just too bizarre for me. But, i know a lot of people like it, so see it and judge for yourself.

Gregory W (it) wrote: not the best version but good

Joe S (es) wrote: Probably the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I laugh and cry every time I watch it!