Motoboys: Vida loca

Motoboys: Vida loca

São Paulo, the largest city of South America. Eighteen million inhabitants. Over seven million vehicles trying to move in a jammed traffic… And in the middle of this chaos, over 500 thousand motorcycle couriers risking themselves to satisfy the immediacy of our needs. Three die everyday, and yet the working class remains despised, rejected and misunderstood by society.

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  • Release:2003
  • Language:Portuguese
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In Sao Paulo, there are some 250 thousand messenger boys on motorbikes. Three die a day, on average. The film addresses the root of the question and follows along with the day-to-day life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Akhil A (ru) wrote: Giving insights on France during world war,this movie beautifully captures the emotions of almost everyone getting affected by war,keeping in lead the imperfect Protagonist...!

Senor C (jp) wrote: Fleshburn was one of those covers that stuck in my mind from the hey day of renting VHS. It was in the horror section but this isn't really a horror movie. No more then Deliverence is anyways. I had been sitting on a copy for years & figured that I should finally watch it since Im a fan of Sonny Landham. I loved him in 48 HRS & Predator & always thought that he should have had more of a career. They should have cast him in the Thunder Warrior series. To hell w/ Mark Gregory. In Fleshburn he's a shell shocked Vietnam vet who has been committed to an mental hospital. He escapes, kidnaps those responsible for putting him there & takes them out to the desert leaving them to die. As they try to survive Sonny continues to torment them from a distance. I was a little disappointed w/ Fleshburn. No great thrill but it is watchable. Sonny is underutilized as this could have been better since it came from a book by the man who gave us Death Wish Brian Garfield

Mike W (nl) wrote: One of the best crime movies ever made

Emod L (kr) wrote: 82%While essentially watchable for Keays-Byrne as Toecutter distinctively, Mad Max is slow to start but delivers the goods for those who are patient enough to wait.V: 73%

Simon E (ca) wrote: Okay - it was never in line to win an oscar, but it's great escapist fun. Totally ridiculous in every way and lovable because the film doesn't take itself seriously. The only decent costumes were worn by Sid James because they were allegedly made for Richard Burton when filming the 'real' Cleopatra!. I have a copy on DVD that I watch from time to time!

boring b (fr) wrote: It had a really nice ending (: It was just, nice.

Timothy M (it) wrote: Kursosawa really wears the Western influences on his sleeves in this, his debut feature. It's a shame that it exists only in a mangled form - the stuff described by the intertitles sounds fascinating. What survives works though, and there are a few really great stylistic moments that hint at what is to come from Kurosawa down the track. Honestly, it's basically like any other sports movie, I guess, except it's got a bit of moral enlightenment chucked in for good measure. It's not a great film, and it is derivative, but it's worth a look.