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Motocross Kids

Motocross kids race about their farm.

Motocross Kids is a new movie of Michael Gannon. This movie was introduced in 2004. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, for example Lorenzo Lamas, Alana Austin, Dan Haggerty, Robert Thomas Preston, Josh Hutcherson, Alexa Nikolas, Evan Marriott, Wolf Larson, Rick Overton, Todd Holland, Wayne Dalglish, Tony Jakstis, Adam McArthur, Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, Nick Benson. There are many categories, such as Family. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 3.9 in We have a good movie torrents. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 82 minutes. NickDan is good uploader, she is very lovely. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Awesome', so what is your thought. Do you know what are visitors? ChimTo is the best. I can't push my iPhone screen. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

Cody is the best rider on the motocross. Evan finds a replacement rider is Cody the Chimpanzee to ride on motorcycle on motocross by Cody's surprise them that he can ride on it. But when Evan's best rider named (Josh Hutcherson) injuries himself before a winner takes all race, a surprising substitute teaches Evan and the kids that anything is possible. read more l challenge - saving a local dirt track from a motorcycle gang members named Viper & Mongo (Gary Busey & Evan Mariott) who are trying to take over the land from kids who ride there. . . After leading his daughter Callie Reed (Alana Austin) to the national championships, he decides to set his sites on a more persona. Evan Reed (Lorenzo Lamas) is the best motocross coach in the country

Motocross Kids torrents

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Users reviews

Anthony P (us)

Wasn't bad, it was descent for a family movie espcially if you wanna get the kids involved

Ashley B (ca)

The ending was a bit too open for my liking. Liked the storyline in parts. Reasonable acting

Deadly V (es)

Nice premise, but over the top

Fatih A (nl)

. . ama "in the mood for love" estetigi beklememek gerek. . . ozellikle nokta atisi cumleler muhtesem. . . kar wai'nin farkedilmesini saglayan film olmasi bile izlenmesi icin yeterli bence. . . bitenlerin hemen ardindan gelen/gelemeyen baslangiclar. . . Terkedilenlerin dunyasindan ask

James P (us)

Great movie, very inspiring and American

Katy R (jp)

love Anthony Anderson. good comedy about how some women play games. . . . . it was so so

Masorad (ag)

Typecast Agnes Moorehead is worth some moments. More WAC would've helped. Oversized Selznick saltlick for those left in the romantic lurch during WWII, the production values wow but our little women Colbert, Jones and insufferable Temple fail to serve

Shane H (kr)

It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen but it took me 3 days to finish it because I would lose interest rather quickly. The 2000 version has kinda the same feel without the meat and potatoes the original had. This movie doesn't really deliver like the original but at the time that was ground-breaking animation and the voice cast was extensive. Lots of blood and boobs and sexual situations much like the first. Tyler played by Michael Ironside,(Top Gun and Total Recall) is the bad guy who finds the key to an ancient temple that holds the Water of Eternal Life. The heroine played by Julie Strain is named Julie, that must've been tough to get used to. Heavy Metal 2000 takes us to the same old story of a green rock that makes people crazy or die when they are around it

Tristan M (de)

Watch the original, but not this one. A good movie for younger audiences, but not for us who has seen better. The plot is similar, the movie is low budget and its similar to the original but not what I thought it would be. The action is dull tho, not like a fast pace battle but a small slow shootout, kinda like the first Saints and Soldiers. Not as good as the first one, but with more action