Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

An odd and tightly directed tale of a singer/dancer at the Moulin Rouge, who meets her daughter's fiance, only to have him fall obsessively in love with her and she with him. Alienation, betrayal and near tragedy result.

Parysia is the rage of Paris. She has a daughter, secretly engaged to Andre, and the boy's aristocratic father objects to the alliance because of Margaret's mother being a revue artist. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarryd M (gb) wrote: Plot holes you could drive a truck through and a hit & miss comedic performance from Mark Wahlberg, the film is still undoubtedly fun.

Robin T (us) wrote: This documentary is a riveting study of how our environment is being transformed (in a negative way) by our industrial society. In China, the largest building I've ever seen in my life and all the clogs in the wheel manufacturing items that are going to end up in the recycling piles that appear later in the movie. I was disturbed by the scenes of young boys wading through pools of oil in Bangladesh. Edward Burtynsky takes these scenes and makes them artistic in his own way, but they are still disturbing.

Jamie C (us) wrote: I found it a very entertaining, absolutely vapid film. Bonus points for the Baguazhang ("good") vs. Xingyiquan ("evil") style distinction.

Elton L (nl) wrote: I truly feel quite amazed that there are critics out there who has the foolish judgements of panning this most underrated film in American History; this film should be in the of house of every Black person in America because it teaches us and reminds us the history of African-American issues, violence and racism, which still happens within this country to this day.

Alex P (br) wrote: This might be Gary Oldman's best performance. It's certainly the only one I can recall where he carries the film from beginning to end. The entire thing hinges on his brilliant work, and he is absolutely marvelous. It traces the story of Emmett Foley, a PTSD Koren War Vet who snaps one day and tries to commit suicide-by-cop so his wife Mae can collect the insurance money. When the cops refuse to oblige, he tries to shoot himself in the heart, hitting his lung instead. He recovers from his self-inflicted wound and is thrown in the Florida State Mental Hospital at Chattahoochee. There he meets Walker Benson (played well by Dennis Hopper). Walker is also not crazy, but the regular prison was filled to capacity and they shunted a bunch of guys to Chattahoochee. It quickly becomes apparent that the conditions at the hospital are ridiculously substandard and that the guards are all sadists. Foley begins to write to his sister about the conditions at the hospital as she goes through channels to get his release. Unfortunately, Oldman has to go through most of the film wearing a terrible fake beard, but somehow it doesn't hinder the performance too badly. The best scene is when his wife comes to visit and tells him that she is pregnant by another man and wants a divorce. Watch Oldman when Mae asks him if he hates her; his heartbreak and his rage must be uncontainable, but somehow he squelches it all and manages a very simple "Yes, I think I do." Both Oldman and Frances McDormand, as his wife, are OUTSTANDING in this movie. Oldman's dialect work, in particular, is almost unbelievably stellar. Close your eyes and you won't know it's him. But what else is new? This is the guy who played Count Dracula, the pimp in "True Romance", the dirty cop in "The Professional", Sid Vicious, and the ridiculous over-the-top villain in "The Fifth Element." One of the best actors in the world, has unfortunately been relegated to direct-to-dvd fare and maybe even more sadly, playing small roles in major movie franchises where his talents can't possibly be fully realized (Comissioner Gordon, Sirius Black). Somebody give this man a real role in a real film for god's sake. They gave him one in "Chattahoochee." HIGHLY recommended.

Richard S (us) wrote: Unlike Blood Wedding, El Amor Brujo isn't so much a film about flamenco, but a melodrama that is bolstered by the passionate music. I know next to nothing about the style, but even with my untrained eye, the cast is full of consummate professionals. As expected, most of the film's highlights revolve around the musical sequences. The initial fight, a nighttime fire sequence and a women's only number were among the high points. While not superfluous, when the standard dramatic scenes take place,you find yourself hoping that the music will resume as quickly as possible.Some may dislike the intentional theatricality, but it works for the material and is an obvious extension of Saura's earlier work. I was somewhat put off by how obviously of the 80s everything was. Blood Wedding was made only a few years before and has that timeless, traditional flamenco feel. Which you prefer is a personal choice, but I often wondered if the film would date better without all of the hair and clothes.I hoped to watch this one after seeing his take on Carmen, but 2 months after the release of the Eclipse set, Netflix still has it on a very long wait. Maybe I'll revise this one day.

Cindy F (it) wrote: Maybe one of the funniest spoof movies ever.

Greg W (ag) wrote: good dectective yarn

Danny M (de) wrote: Alright, I don't find it better than the first one but I do find humour here. "You must be the monopoly guy... thanks for the free parking"

Fabricio G (jp) wrote: Um dos melhores filmes de super-heri que j vi na vida!> Drama pessoal do Banner o melhor que eu j vi em um filme do/com o Hulk;> A motivao do vilo pode at se tornar tosca se voc analisar num aspecto mais... digamos, realista. Mas ela se torna crvel com a maneira fantstica como Louis Leterrier conduz a histria e constri o enredo, que simplesmente maravilhosa.> O CGI no nem de longe dos melhores e pouco inovador. Mas eu amo a maneira como esse Hulk foi retratado: Uma criatura fibrada e cheia de veias, que pra mim realmente o MONSTRO que o Hulk deve ser.