Mountain Patrol

Mountain Patrol

A moving true story about volunteers protecting antelope against poachers in the severe mountains of Tibet.

A moving true story about volunteers protecting antelope against poachers in the severe mountains of Tibet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mountain Patrol torrent reviews

Mark B (mx) wrote: Stopped at 1 hour and 15 minutes in. Truly horrible. Kill it with fire.

MJS M (mx) wrote: I had heard some positive buzz for this documentary coming off the festival circuit and it had an interesting topic. Unfortunately it was never picked up for theatrical distribution and I wasn?t sure I?d ever get a chance to see it. Luckily, the movie finally turned up on the Sundance Channel so I tivoed it right away. The movie is about disenfranchised Palestinian youth who use Hip Hop music in order to express their anger about the Israeli occupation. The hopeful message is that these young people are fighting back with words instead of bombs, it?s an excellent look at the cathartic and political power of art. These Palestinians seem to have a better understanding of Hip-Hop as an outlet for the oppressed than most closed minded observers in the media do. The film also works simply as an examination of the Israeli-Palestien conflict from a perspective that it isn?t normally seen from. That said, I can kind of see why this didn?t get picked up, it isn?t the best produced piece of work and I probably wouldn?t have paid full price to see it. Still, catching this documentary on television makes for a very interesting 90 minutes of watching.

Brenno E (es) wrote: nice, but I still prefer The Raspberry Reich.

Kelly Y (ru) wrote: For some reason- I just couldn't get into the film.

Luis M (it) wrote: Actually a pretty good production for a TV movie. Banderas is without a question a geat actor. The deal between Villa and Mutual Fund Co. with D.W.Griffith was indeed an historical fact. Viva mi general Villa cabrones!

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Michael D (au) wrote: A must see film.. This is one of my personal favorites. Lost Horizon in my opinion is one of the few movies in history that is better than the book.. The cast of the film all delivered strong performances. Especially the great Ronald Colman. Again this is a movie everyone should see and I promise it will be worth it. I feel the message is still relevant today and always..

Augusto B (ru) wrote: hardcore!! Criana bebendo e fumando, esteretipos tnicos explorados ao mximo...ah se tentassem filmar isso hoje, na poca do politicamente correto...

Daniel B (fr) wrote: This film is a gritty B-movie thriller that also just so happens to be based and filmed in England.The cast listing here doesn't tell all though, yes the first Doctor Who stars in the film, as does Patrick "I am not a number!" McGoohan - but the cast listing neglects to mention Sean "James Bond" Connery, David "Illya Kuryakin" McCallum, Gordon "George Cowley" Jackson or Sid James pre-Carry On.And the varied list of soon to be famous actors is just part of what makes this film so good - when Stanley Baker's characer Joe "Tom" Yateley is welcomed into the Hawlett Trucking company, we see a wide variety of people from all walks of life and areas of the UK.But unlike Yateley, his co-workers are generally rough and ready who (despite their differences) click together.Yateley is a clean cut, smooth and intelligent man - but no fool.He soon learns who his friends are and indeed who his nemesis is. In this case, Patrick McGoohan's menacing performance as the Foreman/Pacesetter "Red".The ending of the film is slightly anti-climatic, however I feel that's more to do with the limited budget of the time. Further, Yateley's character appears to develop an attraction for a young lady working in the caf/pulling in station and a repulsion to the character Lucy.Yet towards the end of the film, this changes and is a weak point in the film. It can be glossed over however, and the film is quite worthy of it's 4 out of 5 stars.

Brian S (au) wrote: great B movie. how does Jack Arnold solve the problem of feeding a growing and over-populated world? by setting a giant mutated tarantula loose in the Arizona desert of course! campy acting, dated, formulaic writing, and some very humourous (yet still somewhat clever) special effects. so what happens when you enlarge a relatively harmless spider to 100+ times its normal size? tell us, Raymond Bailey: "expect something that's fiercer, more cruel and deadly than anything that ever walked on earth!"