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Vince N (us) wrote: corky, all over the place emotions!?;^> :^|

Jack L (us) wrote: Race 2 (Hindi)There was a point of time when sequels were pretty much limited to Hollywood. But that's circa early 2000's. As the focus shifted to Bollywood (late 2000's) aping Hollywood in terms of making and marketing their movies - everything started blowing up big. Starting with films totally shot in foreign locales to increased overseas markets to enlarged movie budgets everything is adding up to tinsel world's glitter, glamour and it's ultimate rangy reach. This trend not only stopped at style of movie making but also spilled over to the format of movie making - Sequels. Now a days, hindi cinema is flooded with sequels irrespective of the genre - Dhoom 3, Dabangg 2, Once upon a time in Mumbai 2, Jannat 2 etc. (just to cite a few).Plot:Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) befriends billionaire brother & sister duo Arman Malik (John Abraham) and Elena (Deepika Padukone) and keeps bumping them up with horrendous money making gigs. Rest of the film is about Ranvir's hidden agenda and his conny plan of toppling Arman and his lavish empire.Analysis:We've already had the first installment, Race, and the premise is pretty much set - it's a battle of wits and cons and has nothing to do with cars and speeds. The sequel follows a similar path with pretty expectant twists, megalomaniacal settings, formatted screenplay and typical story line.The film starts off with a bang and withers down as it progresses. One of the biggest let downs is it's action episodes that make no absolute sense especially towards the climactic scenes. No special mention is needed when it comes to the performance of all the lead actors. There is no real scope for acting/performing given the script parameters with Anil Kapoor being the only comic respite irrespective of his double entendre's.Director duo Abbas Mustan have nothing new to offer except for the scenic locales of Istanbul. The production values for the film are extravagant with lilting music by Pritam and Atif Aslam. Salim - Sulaiman delivered their best possible background score.Graphics and action episodes look shoddy and jarring.

Evan F (ag) wrote: An extremely well done genre thriller with compelling performances and direction, and unending bleakness. Starts slow, but quickly ramps up to a frenzy. Brutally violent in the vein of "Oldboy" and "I Saw the Devil." Gu-Nam is impossible to not sympathize with, and the suspense of what will happen to him and those around him is palpable. Highly recommended for fans of foreign films, suspense thrillers and Korean Cinema.

Kim B (kr) wrote: There is def something to this movie. It is very real and embarrassingly honest. It is described as a comedy but not really more like quirky with offbeat dark humor. The characters are really interesting particularly the dad, the neighbor boy, Rita and the main girl. I must say I can relate somewhat to this coming of age story with a crazy chaotic family in a well to do area. However at the end of the movie it doesn't leave u with much and the film gets a little bit too dark/twisted by end (incest, fork stabbing) while acting as though nothing happened. The plot just kinda meanders along but it's the characters that keep u intrigued and the unpredictability of where it's going. You can't help but feel bad for the main character/most of her family and this film isn't really an uplifting kind. Even still it shows the power of family as weird and dysfunctional as they may be.

Brian K (fr) wrote: A political satire that lives well inside the genre's limitations. Amazing how a movie with such an interesting premise can be so typical.

PP L (kr) wrote: Dennis Dugans "Problem Child" is a cinematic masterpiece. The mise-en-scene in this groundbreaking hit is nothing but masterful and in good taste. Comedy punchline after punchline had me in joyful tears, but the underlining drama had me in sorrowful cries. A movie in lustful proportions I was crying and begging for the jokes to stop, and at the end, I was crying and begging for more. 5 stars.

Sean C (de) wrote: They tried some new stuff here, but I think the trouble was that the sex and violence lacked the cartoonish quality of the previous films. Things seemed just a little too plausible, although the Kissinger knock off was funny.

Giorgos T (ag) wrote: Thought-provoking, with an excellent protagonist and epic music. A real masterpiece.

Christopher L (mx) wrote: A classic hardboiled thriller based on John D. MacDonald's outstanding series crime fiction novels about houseboat dwelling troubleshooter Travis McGee. This film got short shrift from critics, poor marketing from the studio and faded into undeserved obscurity. Renowned mainly for one of the most best fight scenes in screen history (Rod Taylor and William Smith actually came to blows while filming the climactic fight), this film also has gorgeous on location scenery in southeastern Florida and a groovy jazz soundtrack by John Parker. How this film has not been given a decent release on DVD and Blu-Ray is beyond me, especially when you consider some of the truly awful films that have been treated much better than this one. This is a film that definitely deserves to be ranked up there with other great crime dramas of the 1970's like Get Carter, Dirty Harry, Across 110th St, Charley Varrick and others. There is a poor quality video of this film on You Tube and some equally poor quality bootleg DVD's out there, but we need to get this film re-mastered on DVD.

Kristelle L (au) wrote: Wow, everything a classic flick would offer!All the cast are great actors, they fit well with their characters and it doesn't feel force or anything. The story's kind of cliche (because I have only watched it at this time of the year and it's been a decade!) This is a very clean and fresh teenage romance classic flick I would probably still enjoy watching after a decade or more.

David E (us) wrote: For his film debut, director Mario Van Peebles did an outstanding job! The acting was very great & tense (Ice T was no nonsense & straightforward, Judd Nelson was just as the same as Ice T, Wesley Snipes was very crude & powerful as Nino Brown, & Chris Rock as the drugged Pookie was very realistic); the plot focused on the crack epidemic & drug dealing that was plaguing major cities at the time (in this case, the Big Apple), thus showing how drugs can cause corruption in both social & health terms; & the action/crime sequences were superb. "New Jack City" is one the best films of the 1990s & pretty much the best film to feature Ice T & Wesley Snipes; it was amazing!

Marah R (kr) wrote: Another cliche Nicholas Sparks film.

Martine K (es) wrote: An average and very predictable slasher flick with probably the dumbest group of travelers ever!!