Mourning Becomes Electra

Mourning Becomes Electra

Near the end of the Civil War, the proud residents of Mannon Manor await the return of shipping tycoon Ezra Mannon and son Orin. Meanwhile Ezra’s conniving wife Christine and daughter Lavinia vie for the love of a handsome captain with a dark secret while well-meaning neighbor Peter sets his sights on Lavinia.

Eugene O'Neill's updated version of the Orestaia. In New England, after the American Civil War, a war-weary Agamem--er, Ezra Mannon comes home to his unhappy wife (Christine) and loving ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Generoso F (ru) wrote: Another small gem from Boston director Andrew Bujalski, who seems to be in a small minority of contemporary filmmakers who understand how the people of this current generation interact with one another. Much can also be said about the performance of director Alex Karpovsky who plays off the textured performances by twin sisters Maggie and Tilly Hatcher. The progression of the story and the acting flow naturally which works well with this kind of storytelling. So much happens here and none of it seems forced.

Steven V (jp) wrote: This is one of those movies that you knew what was going to happen and when even before you started to watch the movie. This movie was one long string of stereotypes that made it very predictable. This is a movie about a bodyguard who has to protect somebody but can't do a worthwhile job of it. Like most action movies of this sort, it loses logic about 20 minutes in. The bad guys are too bad for their own good, but they look good in fancy suits and with nice weaponry. The good guys are too dumb, tough but dumb. However as in every other witness relocation/protection movie, logic is misplaced for what is supposed to be a story. The performances are bad, the story is bad and the action is also bad. However for a comedy, it's not too bad, if you want a little bit of action with your funny. With a whole bunch of useless and needless locations, scenes, action sequences and dialog as well as major plot holes, this could be one of the lost comedies that you may find interesting. The nightclub scenes are pretty interesting, walking around in ski masks in a nightclub and nobody notices. Brandishing weaponry across a dance-floor and nobody moves until gunfire is sprayed. It's the little things that can make a movie good or it's the little things that can make a movie horrible.

Torion O (nl) wrote: Horror obtained through suspense is my kind of horror.

Jason E (kr) wrote: heartbreaking, I cried......

Movie K (jp) wrote: Straight forward action pack kung fu flick. Good fight choreograph. Anthony Wong is a widow, ex-secret agent who have 2 children, Stephen Fung & Gillian Chung. Both of them are on quite bad terms with nice old dad, who often tell stories of his glorious past. But they don't believe him. One day Michael Wong appear and want Anthony to hand over the the person who decades ago crippled him. Anthony pretend he has no idea what is it about. The next day 4 fighters came to fight him and caught him. Old friend Wu Ma visit and shock to see the place a mess. Stephen Fung accidentally found a switch that leads to the secret lair and believes Anthony. Michael drug nthony in order to know the whereabouts of his target. Need memory card to know and they ar hidden in the children's amulet. Gillian is attacked in school. Stephen save her. Daniel Wu, boyfriend of Gillian rescue them. Daniel Wu helps them decode the memory cards and turns out to be a secret agent as well to protect the retired agents. He locked them both in. And it turns out the man they are looking for is Wu Ma. They plead with him to go save their dad and he renlentlessly agree. Anthony is trap in a chamber and oxygen running out. They fight it out with all the fighters. Stephen defeated the son of Jake Strickland who is really good with pole fighting. Anthony draw a bullseye and Gillian remember during young the training to concentrate hitting one point, break the glass and save him. Happy ending in the end. Gillian is really good and convincing.

Brendan N (fr) wrote: one of the greatest films made for the modern era. clever characters with so much depth and kevin smith showing restraint with the jokes.

Ian M (ag) wrote: not bad better than the 1st gotta like when buddy uses his telekenisi to make girls clothes come off, lots of boobies

Heather D (ru) wrote: Best of all times - watch every Christmas - along with A Lion in Winter.

Caitlin L (gb) wrote: Not sure how I feel about it yet. Loved it as movie. Not sure compared to the book. I need to reread true book and rewatch the movie first.

Tim S (es) wrote: Wonderful film. It's nice to see science fiction treated seriously for a change in the era that it was made. At the time, B movies were ruling the drive-in screens and something like this was just not commonly done. It makes for an entertaining character film that doesn't require a lot of exposition - mostly just the visuals to tell its story. And for that, I am grateful. One of my very favorite sci-fi movies and thanks must be given to Criterion for their wonderful Blu-ray presentation of this classic film.