Mourning Wood

Mourning Wood

The unveiling of Dr. Jacob Pendelton's newest product, Shampube becomes a blistering catastrophe when it transforms the Slutton residents into "humping" zombies. Now it's up to an infomercial king, a used car salesman, four stoners and an array of peculiar townsfolk to join forces and stop the invasion.

The unveiling of Dr. Jacob Pendelton's newest product, ShamPube, becomes a blistering catastrophe when it transforms the Slutton residents into "humping" zombies. Now, it's up to an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (nl) wrote: When the Alphas are away the Omegas will play.The Alpha and Omega pack of wolves have long since stopped participated in the Great Wolf Games because they did not let all animals participated. When they last participated, all animals were invited. The wolf pups do not want to miss participating in the games like their parents, so they try and figure out an opportunity to enter."You have to play a little tougher tomorrow."Richard Rich, director of The Fox and the Hound, The Black Cauldron, The Swan Princess 1-3 & Christmas Special, Pocahontas, and The Trumpet and the Swan, delivers Alpha and Omega 3: The Greta Wolf Games. The storyline for this picture is below average, clich, and a bit overdone in some scenes. The animation is fairly mediocre."Is this my cheering section?""That's funny. More like kicking your butt section."I added this series to my Netflix queue because I thought my daughter would enjoy them (we recently picked up a puppy). She likes these for the most part. They're definitely nothing special but worth a viewing with your children."Focus on the race, not your mom."Grade: D

Raji K (jp) wrote: Portia Nathan has been an Admissions worker for Princeton for 16 years and has a chance to become the president of admissions. Things get hectic when she discovers she has a son that she did not know about and he wants to get into Princeton. Admission just overall is missing some structure to be a good movie. Each character has some good moments, but nothing great, and overall this movie just falls short of being any good. Rudd and Fey had little chemistry and being fans of either unfortunately wont be enough to make it worth watching this.

Nadia W (kr) wrote: I swear this movie is telling me to come back home! I had no idea this is a Bay Area movie. Not bad.

Karrald G (au) wrote: completely worth the watch!

Kevin R (ag) wrote: This test is purely for entertainment. My entertainment. A group of nine individuals find themselves locked in a strange house. They are left with a minimal amount of food and alcohol and informed they will need to kill each other to obtain more food. Whoever turns out to be the last person living will be rewarded with $5 million. The individuals initially plan to work together; but as people begin dying, they will begin turning on each other. "Whoever is near to me is near to fire. Whoever is far from me if far from the king." Steven R. Monroe, director of Dual, Sasquatch Mountain, Complacent, and I Spit on Your Grave (2010), delivers House of 9. The storyline for this picture is a mix of Saw and Cube. The individual situations were interesting but not on par with the previously two referenced movies. The settings were well created and the actors delivered believable performances. The cast includes Dennis Hopper, Kelly Brook, Hippolyte Girardot, and Ashley Walters. "He didn't strike me as someone who wanted to die." I came across House of 9 while flicking through the channels and decided to give it a chance since it starred Dennis Hopper (RIP) and Kelly Brook (still super hot). Unfortunately, this was a poor man's Saw (which is saying something). The end is fairly clever and well delivered but the overall picture is nothing special. You can skip this one. "We must keep our differences out of the equation." Grade: C

Jacob T (fr) wrote: Warning this movie is not funny. It is just crap do not watch it. Scary movie 2 is better and that one stinks. Scary movie 3 is better.and that one stinks.

John M (nl) wrote: Uwe Boll does Columbine?! It's the events that lead to a shooting that very much resembles that of the massacre that happened at Columbine High School in 1999, sort of a re-imagining. It all takes place one fateful morning on the last day of school, telling what 8-10 students were up to the hour before shit hits the fan. Of all the subject matters for Boll to tackle, this one is the most puzzling, but then again, I still haven't seen Darfur. Right from the title menu on the DVD, you know he got the tone all wrong from the hard rock music, and really, that's what feels most wrong: the tone. It feels a lot closer to a soap opera than a serious movie about troubled children; everybody is a kid with problems, and nobody has a range to work in; they're all just angst-filled teens. There isn't anything subtle about it and you really have to question why anybody would make this movie if they weren't going to approach it as a character study.

Joe M (fr) wrote: Above par take on Lovecraft with real suspense, moody atmosphere and some absolutely surreal scenes.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: It's a good dark comedy that keeps you wondering, what in the Hell is gonna happen next!

Gavin K (de) wrote: Possibly the worst animated kiddie feature ever created.

sebastian m (jp) wrote: Very well done and well acted with some excellent shots and cinematography. I can't say I actually enjoyed watching it though due to it's extremely graphic and depressing nature. I didn't care for the ending either, but I can't deny it is a good film. 70/100