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Mouse: An autobiographical film (7min, sound, spring 2011). This autobiographical short documentary is made before and during the Iranian New Year (spring of 2011). This film also examines ...

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. . This film also examines . This autobiographical short documentary is made before and during the Iranian New Year (spring of 2011). Mouse: An autobiographical film (7min, sound, spring 2011)

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Users reviews

J M (us)

because youre an idiot. if not, you are going to be so bored. if you like him, watch this. its all about phillip baker hall

Jayden C (us)

want 2 see every movie in da wole wide world of course im a movie lover. kool as i want 2 see dis

jfloyd w (de)

. . getting back to the acting there is plenty of over-acting and not only in the plays - of course this is the theater and, more so, the theater of the 30's. . without this cast (and this look) Szabo's film would hardly be as riveting - may even have been forgettable despite it's source material. . Tons of words have rightly recognized Bening's performance(s) but one should also recognize how good were the many other top-gun performers, especially Irons & Punch (one could also add Gambon) - as well as the films look, its costumes, locations, score and era

John D (es)

. . Anything that has Ringo, Sellers, and Milligan is open season for lunacy. Off the frickin' radar

Keelin M (br)

a very enlightening movie

Lorne L (mx)

econd to Groundhog Day. Seasonal favourite

Nicholas W (es)

one of my favorite movies

Raymond S (mx)

Bad Dialouge And Most Of The Acting Sucked But I Liked The Storyline Its Worth A Watch If U Have Time

Robert I (jp)

Well i aways like the movie

Russ V (it)

Sure, it can be kind of fun at times, but this movie is nothing more than a silly, over the top action movie, which is not what Tomb Raider is all about