Move Me

Move Me

Morten Arnfred's warm comedy Lykkevej (Move Me) begins with Sara (Birthe Neumann) being left by her husband of a quarter century. Sara gets a job and moves into a new home on a street populated by eccentrics. Neighbor Robert (Jesper Lohmann) showers in his backyard, has been in mourning since his wife's death, and annoys his neighbors by keeping junk on his front yard. Sara and Robert tentatively strike up a relationship, while a couple on the street, Sus and Bo (Ditte Grbl and Asger Reher), have their own marriage issues to deal with. Move Me was screened at the Gothenburg Film Festival.

When upper-class woman Sara discovers, that her husband Jan is having an affair with a younger woman, she leaves him. Now she has to take care of herself and therefore rents an old house in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chen L (ca) wrote: It are very good movie

Lee M (de) wrote: So much of Virgin is bunk masquerading as sexual politics.

Erik P (mx) wrote: I found the film "Hitchcock" to be perfectly enjoyable for both lovers of Hitchcock, movies, or filmmaking. This 2012 film is based on the book "Alfred Hitchcock and The Making of Psycho" and covers this time period perfectly. From the set designs to the wardrobe and hairstyles, everything looks like 1959. Fans of Alfred Hitchcock will find the film fairly accurate to his life and relationships. The main centerpieces of this film are both leading actors, Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, who both do an outstanding job at portraying Hitchcock and his wife Alma Reville. While some may call Hopkins portrayal more of an imitation, I found him to be wholly convincing and at times moving. Helen Mirren tears down the house with her acting and confidence, showing how tough the wife of legendary Alfred Hitchcock had to be at times. The scene where Alma Reville rebukes Hitchcock for not being grateful for her support should have immediately gotten Mirren an Oscar nom. Technically speaking, the film looks great. Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth keeps things crisp and classy, allowing the scenes to show off the great characters and accurate set pieces. At 98 minutes, the film feels very tight and moves along perfectly, never outstaying its welcome. A scene towards the end showing Hitchcock out in the lobby of "Psycho's" first public screening, conducting the audience's reaction, shows me that love and accuracy went into this film, as the real Hitchcock was known for playing his audience's reactions like a musical conductor. While not a perfect film or masterpiece, "Hitchcock" is a tidy and accurate movie that will entertain average moviegoers, lovers of filmmaking, and the true Hitchcock lover inside us all.

Jaret M (jp) wrote: I really liked this the 1st time I saw it. Except, back then we just called it "Big."

Charlie S (de) wrote: Dont let the odd title and made for tv budget fool you. This is really good movie, a very clever take on the notion of time travel, if you can find it - go get! - Also some woman gets kicked in the head by a horse!!

Jacky L (nl) wrote: the least enjoyable atom egoyan so far, felt like he tried to take on a lil bit too much here. not too compelling a watch.

Jeff C (it) wrote: Disappointing swansong from Capra and remake of "Lady for a Day" lacks the original's humour and sincerity.

Scott W (kr) wrote: I watched this because Mr. Harry Knowles said that he enjoyed it more than The Brothers Bloom, which struck me as movie blasphemy. While I don't necessarily agree, I loved it. This is a fantastic crime caper with great, great acting. This took you to a different world, and was loaded with charisma. (My only beef was that I didn't buy the romance between Caine & McLaine) Delightfully enjoyable movie!

Isaac A (gb) wrote: Could rate it 10 stars if I could

Steven S (gb) wrote: I'm not sure what possessed me to watch this one. I was only five when it came out, and now fifteen years later, there I was browsing on Netflix, when I stumbled upon this little movie. It didn't sound too bad, and had a really good cast, so I figured "meh". After viewing it once (and trust me once is enough), I found myself somewhat subdued. I wanted to turn it off so many times, but by the end, I didn't find myself hating it. The head of a terrorist group (I think) named Gabriel, played by John Travolta, enlist the help of a well know hacker named Stanley (Hugh Jackman) so he can steal nine billion dollars. You would think playing the Powerball would be a whole lot simpler. Along the way Stanley must decide if Gabriel's sidekick, Ginger (Halle Berry), is really on his side or the bad guys. All the while, he is trying to make time to see his little girl, and he himself is not sure if he wants to partake in these illegal actions. Oh yeah and Don Cheadle is in it as well. Man, what a mess this movie was. If I am being perfectly honest, I don't fully understand what is going on here. Supposedly the "bad guys" are stealing all this money to actually help the government. They clearly state that doing this will help the economy, and some other nonsense. So... why are they bad? Why is the government trying to stop people that are trying to help? By the end, it doesn't really matter, you're just glad the credits are rolling. The plot is all over the place, the acting is hilarious, the dialogue is silly, and it seemed like everything these characters were doing was pointless. Actually, the ending confirms that. Everything the "good guys" were doing ended up not mattering. There are certain scenes as well that just don't make sense. I don't mean to put spoilers, but it's just Swordfish so it doesn't matter. There is a scene where Gabriel is going to kill Ginger if Stanley doesn't hack something correctly. But in the end, it turns out Ginger is really working for Gabriel the whole time, so why would he kill her? That entire scene is for no reason. I swear, the only thing missing from this movie, were bloopers during the end credits to show that maybe they were at least having fun. There is one credit I can give to this movie, the action sequences are somewhat decent. They were enjoyable to watch, but much like the plot itself, those parts are messy as well. Instead of coming off as suspenseful and intense, the sequences actually end up being pretty funny. There was one car chase scene in particular, in which I actually laughed out loud. During the car chase, Gabriel stands up in the car, strikes sort of a Jesus pose, with a gun in each hand, and fires at two cars simultaneously. Perhaps because it was John Travolta, but that scene was just hilarious to me. Like I said, some of the action works, but most of the time it does not. Now let's talk about the cast, because there is some huge talent being showcased here. Hugh Jackman had just come off of doing X-Men at the time, so perhaps it isn't his fault that he was in this. He was not a huge star yet. The same goes for Berry. She was not a huge star at the time, and to this films credit, it did give her her first nude scene. You can never go wrong there. Then there is Don Cheadle. Why he was in this, I will never know. Maybe he needed to pay a bill, because I didn't even feel like he was doing a good job here. In fact, most of the cast looks like they are taking this seriously. They all try their best, but some of the lines they have to say, and the way they are being directed to act is just laughable. The only redeemer here is Travolta. It is nothing new for him to do zany characters, that call for an over-actor. That is exactly what he is. Not too good, but at the very least, entertaining. However, I can't say I don't recommend this one. It's so unintentionally funny, I am compelled to say check it out. It is only an hour and a half, and hey, it was pretty fun to see a younger Jackman and Berry act together. For what it's worth, the nudity isn't half bad either. In fact, if I were to rate this movie purely on how great Berry looks, I would give it 5 out of 5. But alas, this is not porn, and I am not thirteen. Besides, we have Google Images. So I have to rate this movie for what it is, and it is a terrible film. If I were to rate this movie, I would give it 1 1/2 out of 5 stars. But hey! Check it out, you might get a good laugh out of the deal!