Move On

Move On

Move On is a road movie like no other, because it is inspired by film fans from all over Europe! This breath-taking movie directed by Asger Leth features Mads Mikkelsen on a secret mission in 8 episodes, each taking place in a different European country.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:agent,   suitcase,   film,  

An unusual road trip beginning in the Netherlands takes a series of unexpected turns through Germany and Eastern Europe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (nl) wrote: It was ok but weird. It was great to see how batman fought and against the cops but most of the stuff was weird and boring like that batman fought crime in the end as Bruce Wayne

Caroline C (nl) wrote: Low budget tour doco similar to 'The Big One' or 'State v State'. At this point it's a little bit dated too, given that it covers the lead up to the 2004 US elections, but it is still astounding that with so many committed, talented and passionate people campaigning for Kerry, they were still outvoted by the moronic and mean-spirited Republicans. The film also has a tragic quality when you consider how much damage was done in the cretin Bush's 2nd term. HOWEVER thankfully that's all over. This film is not Moore's best work, but it's encouraging to have influential individuals in popular culture acting as agents for change through the mass communications usually part of the hegemonic control of the working people. I would have liked to have seen Moore explore the 'counter-propagandist' idea further. My favourite comment of the film was "I'm glad they didn't ban assualt weapons 'cos this is a Christian nation and you never know when God will want you to kill an abortion doctor" - ROFLMAO!

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - 1/27/2009)

Sean C (it) wrote: This movie suprised me a lot by being a lot better than it had any right to be lol. From the title one would not expect much but they would be mistaken as I was. Their is actually very little nudity in this movie and all of it was done very tastefully. The production value was higher than I anticipated too so the look and feel of the movie was more like professional Hollywood than crappy foriegn movie. The actors spoke English well and the acting was not half bad. The best part of the movie was the fight scenes of which there are many. Both with weapons and without martial arts as well as gun fights. The action was top notch and rivaled any big budget Hollywood movie. The story was good too as it was brutal, tragic and engaging. I did not know this is actually a sequel so I may watch the first one. A very surpisingly good movie, you should check it out!

Phil H (gb) wrote: Terribly disappointing gangster film with Rourke and Shakur plus Brody, Levine and Donnie Wahlberg! great character actor cast...poor film.Not much to say really, the plot is nonsense and has Rourke as a Jewish con just outta the joint and living with his Jewish folks! in the mean time he deals drugs, does drugs and not much else really. Levine is his mental weapon obsessed brother who also lives at home and walks around in his Y-fronts all day, Brody is his other brother who is an artist and errr...they all somehow get by doing nothing, really I mean it, nothing during the whole film.Shakur is another gangster (yawn!) who lost his eye to Rourke whilst they were banged up together so he spends the whole film acting tough and trying to kill Rourke, boring, predictable and totally a waste of time, oh and Rourke co wrote it.

Begoa N (es) wrote: Despu (C)s de tantos aos, la peli me sigue haciendo gracia ;)

Ivica P (ca) wrote: Had to spend some time so I did that by watching the Ridley Scott's old movie on TV. And it was a good one! Nicely directed, with noir-ish "dark" atmosphere and quite Blade Runner-ish soundtrack (symphonic sounds during the sad love scenes)... Not a deep movie, but the camera, acting and director where quite good. 3+

Tim G (es) wrote: a terrible film but an awesome comedy if you like army of darkness then check this one out

Rob S (ru) wrote: Very similar in feel to Kramer Vs. Kramer, with more laughs...and more kids. Not as well written, though.

Josh G (au) wrote: Great stories don't always translate to good films, even with talented directors behind them. For what it was, it was okay.

Phillie E (it) wrote: Watch it if you're a Star Wars fan, you'll enjoy the references.

Kimberly Kae R (mx) wrote: Bruce Willis is hott

Ricardo A (de) wrote: A by the numbers eighties horror movie. Witchboard may not be special but it's sure pretty entertaining.