Move Over, Darling

Move Over, Darling

Three years into their loving marriage, with two infant daughters at home in Los Angeles, Nicholas Arden and Ellen Wagstaff Arden are on a plane that goes down in the South Pacific. Although most passengers manage to survive the incident, Ellen presumably perishes when swept off her lifeboat, her body never recovered. Fast forward five years. Nicky, wanting to move on with his life, has Ellen declared legally dead. Part of that moving on includes getting remarried, this time to a young woman named Bianca Steele, who, for their honeymoon, he plans to take to the same Monterrey resort where he and Ellen spent their honeymoon. On that very same day, Ellen is dropped off in Los Angeles by the Navy, who rescued her from the South Pacific island where she was stranded for the past five years. She asks the Navy not to publicize her rescue nor notify Nicky as she wants to do so herself.

Three years into their loving marriage with two infant daughters at home in Los Angeles, Nicholas Arden and Ellen Wagstaff Arden are on a plane that goes down in the South Pacific. Although... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack M (us) wrote: While the adaptation is loyal to the novel, the script and characters wear thin after a while. Not to mention the endless cliches, scarcely believable story and many 'no way they could of escaped that' moments.

SagaciousFrank (ca) wrote: This is a review of the Director's Cut of 'Riddick'. I'm not sure how this film scored a rotten - both the critics and the audiences are wrong on this one, in my humble opinion.This is great Sci-Fi movie, and both my girlfriend and I agreed we were gripped from start to finish. Twohy proves beyond doubt that he is a capable director and writer, keeping this third Riddick installment stylish but dark and grimy in setting and atmosphere, introducing likeable and memorable characters (besides Riddick of course, which is nailed perfectly by Vin Diesel who once again brings great charisma to the role), great set pieces - some creating tension, and some short but decent action sequences - sharp screenplay, and the pacing is spot on. Also, Twohy demonstrstes how you shoot a modern Sci-FI movie on a relative shoe string. Riddick the Director's Cut far exceeded my expectations.

Andrea S (us) wrote: Absolutely gorgeous. After seeing this film, I wanted to move to the desert and live in a house buried with sand. Amazing story, artistically filmed, phenominal acting. I LOVED the split story with the same actresses. Very cool.

John R (gb) wrote: 100101: Jesus Christ Superstar meets Jack Black. Appreciate some of the metal references but not enough laughs to keep me interested. Call me getting old but the word f**k is used too many times.

Julia P (de) wrote: It was a bad time for Jedi.

Fe K (nl) wrote: only one time wacheable family films...

Griffin W (it) wrote: I consider this movie split down the middle of its run-time. The first half is a fun adventure, romance, dark comedy about these two serial killers dishing out vengeance on society, and the other half is an attempt at satire on the news on television. While I thought the first half was entertaining enough, the second half can be slightly obnoxious at times with blatant, heavy handed sequences letting the satire shine through and loud performances. I can understand if someone likes the satire int he film, but I just found it ham-fisted. None the less, the movie is darkly funny, well acted, and unique in style. The movie is "Money Well Spent"

Ryan R (gb) wrote: This movie is grim and subversive, especially by today's standards. The satire is biting and clever in many parts but some will find it more than unsettling.

Gordo d (gb) wrote: Boys camp out in the wilderness with a crazy tour guide played by Kevin Bacon.

Frankly D (jp) wrote: simply exilherating and fascinating

Maya F (de) wrote: xD a worth seeing movie.

Kimberly W (fr) wrote: I love Judy Garland and Gene Kelly! i love both their musicals! They do amazing in the movie and it's not very predictable as you would think!

Declan H (ag) wrote: A bit more campy and goofy, this movie is still a lot of fun. But why does Ash not just kill the zombies with his chin? He could probably do that, he has the chin of Bruce Campbell.