• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:46 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Norwegian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   love,   summer,  

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Moves torrent reviews

Param D (gb) wrote: Total waste of time and money.

Hugo G (de) wrote: It had a very cute story, with equal scenarios and characters. The acting was so very good and the whole type writing theme felt very entertaining. And just like in the review I read from the San Francisco Chronicle, it was very cohesive "from the joy in the details to the animated credits to the perky pop score! clothes and general sensibility." It was a very cute love story that was so cotton-candy breezy in the most vibrant kind of ways.

Dominic A (ru) wrote: Evan Rachel Wood is delightful, so much so that you really feel sorry as she falls for the pitiful Justin Long. Whilst his loser personality is eventually addressed and twisted to give a glimmer of a decent end, it still falls short.Such a shame given the charm of the supporting cast and some fairly interesting (though still clich) relationship themes.

Cole B (br) wrote: Funny, sad, visually and emotionally engaging Mexican film about a young boy who thinks he is the father that previously walked out on the family.

Elwing T (fr) wrote: Actors saved this movie.

Deb S (kr) wrote: I loved the original Wargames and found this one just as enjoyable. This one rehashes the basic premise of the first movie, but in a new and modern way (such as terrorists) and added some 'Enemy of the State' like surveillance and pursuit scenario. Plot: Philadelphia high-schooler Will Farmer (Matt Lanter) plays a computer game that simulates a terrorist attack, and Ripley, the super government computer with a sexy voice, designed to profile potential terrorists, tracks him down because he beat five levels in 15 minutes, this makes Ripley believe that he is a high level terror threat. Professor Falken and Joshua (WOPR) make reappearance in this movie and I enjoyed the confrontation between Ripley (Alien, anyone) and Joshua. If you like the science-techno-computer-hacker-surveillance type of action movie, be sure to check this one out.

Zach R (kr) wrote: they went wrong with this movie when the idea of it was inherited

Akshitha K (de) wrote: stupid movie but so funny

Elin G (ag) wrote: Mostly forgettable, but does get credit for showing a main characters less apealing sides, and calling her out on it. I also liked that it didn't end with her getting the guy, there was something slightly unconventinal about that. The whole reality tv-setting didn't appeal to me much, but it did result in a nice climax.

Adam R (ca) wrote: Watchable fluff. It's OK, but don't expect too much. (First viewing - Teen years)

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: 3 and 3/4's. Pretty good. I'm not really on board with alot of French films, but this was rather enjoyabe. EXCEPT...they threw in some strange fight scene, with an even stranger video game sound effect voice over. MINUS half a point for that lame move....otherwise, pretty decent movie.

Zachary M (de) wrote: The precursor to Jurassic Park in more than one way. Not only is a movie about a futuristic theme park where shit f=goes wrong, but it was written by the same writer as Jurassic Park, which makes me really think Michael Crichton must have had a really bad experience at a theme park when he was little. The movie does have a lot of fun with some of the ideas, I truly believe if sex was an option with a life like blonde robot, men from all over who come there would definitely partake in it. And slaying a cowboy in a gun fight are all fun ideas I'm sure lots of people would do on their trip, myself included. However, the pacing does drag in a lot of spaces. There is some good tension, but the plot of the robot revolt just seems to come out of nowhere. It is still forth a watch for fans of the 70's scifi genre, but it hasn't aged the best.

Steve G (it) wrote: The French 'answer' to Gone With The Wind didn't get the question. And Pierre Brasseur was France's Clark Gable. No wider chasm can be detailed than in comparing the douchiness of the former to the awesomeness of the latter. Unsurprising that the French version starts with nudity, wine-bibbing, misanthropic nihilism, with a generous dose of fromage; usually ending in an illicit sexual innuendo that would make Aerosmith proud (eg double entendre) ...that's not a compliment. Schmaltzy melodrama. Apparently, newborn babes are listed as one of many 'nightmares.' They forgot to add 'The French.' Who, even in the 19th century, were only thinking of vacations. Now for the bad parts...Seriously, though, now that I've gotten the obligatory French mockery out of the way. Huge props for costumes & set decoration. It actually is a somewhat engaging film. But, also somewhat predictably, elevates eros or amoure over marital fidelity -- which is a theme that I reject. Therefore, I cannot claim to fully appreciate or enjoy this film. Baptiste, went from the most sympathetic character to the biggest cad in film. Ultimately, fails to deliver & live up to billing. It's basically an enormous French soap.

Alexander P (au) wrote: Good gags here and there, but Stripes is far too arbitrary to be considered a comedy classic. 5/10.

Thomas D (jp) wrote: In preparation for the upcoming Batman V Superman film, I've decided to revisit a few of each of the heroes' feature films, especially those where they come in direct conflict with one another.It's considered a direct sequel to 2009's Worlds Finest film, but in reality, it's its own entity. It's also not really a Superman & Batman film at all. With the story line directly focusing on the appearance of Supergirl and the inclusion of Wonder Woman and the Amazonians, it's almost like a mini Justice League film. If you're going in looking for a classic Batman & Superman story, this isn't it. But if you're looking for yet another solid entry in the DC Animated Universe, then I think there's enjoyment to be had here.Supergirl (Kara) enters the world in full Terminator glory and is discovered by none other than Batman. As him and Superman debate as to what they should do with her, Darkseid and his minions try to take things in their own hands. Wonder Woman believes Supergirl should be kept away from civilization until her powers are under control but Superman believes she should live with him as he teaches her the way of the world. Of course, Kara has her own idea of the life she should live. And that's really the basis the film goes by. Other than Batman and Superman both being in the film, it's not their story at all.The film does pick up however once they go to Darkseid's planet of Apocalypse itself after he kidnapped Kara. Darkseid's presence in this film is pretty much the exact representation I would hope the live action universe uses. He's calculating, manipulating, cool, calm, and collected. Throw in some omega beams and an unstoppable physical presence and you get DC's potentially best villain.Even though this film is entertaining and definitely satisfying by its end, there has to be some let down in the fact that it doesn't ever feel like a Batman and Superman film. It's one of my biggest fears of Batman V Superman. Keep the film even in tone and focus, and don't mislead your audience. If you do that, I don't think people will be disappointed. So with all that said, Superman/Batman Apocalypse is a decent entry in a distinguished line of incredible animated films, it's just unfortunate it doesn't live up to its predecessor.+Darkseid's presence+Well realized characters through voice work+Supergirl is handled correctly-But it's not a Superman/Batman film at all-A let down in some regards7.7/10