Movie Crazy

Movie Crazy

Harold Hall, a young man with little or no acting ability, desperately wants to be in the movies. After a mix-up with his application photograph, he gets an offer to have a screen-test, and goes off to Hollywood. At the studio, he does everything wrong and causes all sorts of trouble. But he catches the fancy of a beautiful actress, and eventually the studio owner recognizes him as a comic genius.

Harold Hall, an accident prone young man with little or no acting ability, desperately wants to be in pictures. After a mix-up with his application photograph, he gets an offer to have a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monjit B (jp) wrote: Ok movie.... could have been much better.

Norman D (au) wrote: I beg to differ with the majority verdict on this excellent film. The anonymous (as usual) "critics consensus" about l;asking a spark is way off. The eccentric genius (fast becoming a Cumberbatch specialty) Assange offset against the more ordinary though still obviously brilliant Daniel Berg brought out the tragedy inevitable when such history-making yet highly individual actions are undertaken. I found the ending "interview" with Assange particularly effective in surfacing the moral dilemmas that surrounded the Cablegate (Wikileaks) affair.

Xavier P (ru) wrote: I believe this was an awesome movie, great direction, great acting, great story! Hope GHR continues to receive recognition and popularity! =D

Jay B (au) wrote: A very average action / comedy with a very entertaining cast. The only real problem is that the filmmakers seem have mated a very horror film structure with a raunchy comedy script.... do we want our funny flicks with a body count?

Pookie T (gb) wrote: This was just a waste of time. A bit bizarre and badly edited. Some scary stuff, but not enough to keep you watching. I missed NASCAR practice for this?

Kayla N (ru) wrote: I might watch this if I am absolutely bored and have nothing to do.

Claudia G (gb) wrote: If you know can kill zombies with a shot to the head ... why keep shooting them in the chest?

Jacob B (es) wrote: Even if it takes a while to get to the good parts, Whoopi Goldberg's performance and the catchy musical numbers make Sister Act impossible to resist.

Sarah L (ca) wrote: "Return to Snowy River", with it's great acting and directing, breathtaking scenery, and BEAUTIFUL soundtrack, is a "must-see" for any horse lover. It breaks the status quo of sequels never being as good as the original and, in my opinion, is just as good as "The Man from Snowy River." You will not be disappointed if you choose "Return to Snowy River" for "movie night." The "Snowy River" movies are my favorite movies of all time.

K S (kr) wrote: I'm not quite sure what the intent of this being made could've been. Pocket Money is a good title because it basically tells you why Paul Newman and Lee Marvin took this project. The story is really boring and outside of sporadic chuckle inducing scenes (that focus on the Newman characters awkwardness), the picture sorta just lies there playing on one note from beginning to end. It seems like both Newman and Marvin hated making this movie and that comes across on the final product. Could've been alot more if they hadn't settled on a first draft quality script.

Cooper C (mx) wrote: The classics! this makes the top. Such a feel good movie. The dancing scene and when the girls try to get away at the end make me laugh so hard. I love it! Good music but a really good story!Fav Character: Dorcus

Matty S (jp) wrote: I realize I am in the minority. But, I found this film dull.

Richard B (ca) wrote: Great story. Not for those who prefer romanticism.