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Movie Days

This Icelandic tale, loosely based on the real-life experiences of director Fridrik Fridriksson tells the saga of a boyhood spent in Iceland in the 1960s.

This Icelandic tale, loosely based on the real-life experiences of director Fridrik Fridriksson tells the saga of a boyhood spent in Iceland in the 1960's. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ronnie D (us) wrote: Entertaining. Eh rewatch? Not so much. Maybe in a couple years3/26/17

George A (au) wrote: I loved this movie its been a long time sense iv'e wanted to rewatch a movie the day after it was just a really nice heartwarming film

Todd S (fr) wrote: Despite an all-star cast, that reads like a who's who of comedians, the much anticipated, Date Night, from Night At The Museum Director, Shawn Levy, failed to deliver in a big way. Of course there is that old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen, but that wasn't the problem here, as individually, the performances were pretty good. What I didn't like about the film, was a lazy story that hasn't only been done before, but seemed to just run around in circles. The Foster family is going through your typical dry spell as a married couple with kids, and the news of a recent friends divorce has them worried about their own relationship, so they decide to start having a regular date night again. Not wanting to wait at a fancy restaurant without a reservation, they claim to be someone else, who are very late arriving to their reserved table. The Foster's think they're just stealing a reservation, instead they are stepping into the lives of two people who are wanted by many different people for many different things, leading to the wildest night of their lives. This story had some great potential, but once again, if these writers would stop worrying about PG-13 vs. R, in regards to who will go see their films, and just let the story take off in whatever direction it's going, the film could have been so much better. Instead, the writers hold back, because they don't want a raunchy comedy, they want a date movie, and the result is a mediocre comedy that should have been so much better than it was. Date Night is good for a chuckle here and there, but otherwise, the story goes in circles, it's predictable, and it wastes the talent of a terrific cast.

Arielle W (es) wrote: I want to see this movie so bad. SOOO FUCKING BAD.

Erin S (es) wrote: Interesting in the light of social commentary and the shift of social norms during that time period.

renee w (ca) wrote: very funny i've never laughed so hard

Richard C (es) wrote: Dumb rambling movie about an old hippy trying to fit in.

Amy T (mx) wrote: This was weird and boring at first, but I like it overall. Not too much to say about this one.

Jenn M (au) wrote: I didn't mind this shockingly. I liked the story but some of the graphics were pretty lame. But I was entertained and I did watch the whole thing so thats saying something

Patty L (ca) wrote: Loved the smart dialogue, loved Kate's wardrobe, love Kate and Spencer!

Sylvester E (ca) wrote: A lot of fun from start to finish!!!!

Kyle B (es) wrote: Great performances from the whole cast and writing

Andrew M (de) wrote: Ratatouille is an inspiring film that anyone can do anything. This movie is about a rat that has always wanted to be a chef. However, Ratatouille does take a step down in Pixar movies. I don't think this is one of Pixar's best movies. Although, the plot of the movie is inspiring and amazing. I would suggest this movie.

Steve R (gb) wrote: It was just....ok. Special effects are great, but the characters are a little hard to take sometime. Storyline is predictable as best.