Moving Alan

Moving Alan


The story follows the two sisters Melissa and Emily, the former who accidentally killed her husband Alan and the latter who agrees to help her bury her husband in the desert. While there, they encounter a trucker who hates his dogs and takes a special dislike to the sisters, a Park Ranger who takes a shine to Melissa and finally a strange, homeless man who thinks he is in a soap opera. While Melissa and Emily try their best to find a suitable place to bury Alan, much of their history is revealed and the day in the desert has a great impact on their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Pia K (ca) wrote: Aivan mahtava, tositapahtumiin perustuva draamakomedia jossa mainiot nyttelijt ja hyv juoni. <3 (Suom. Koskemattomat)

Caleb C (jp) wrote: total shit. the poster looks nicer than this film is.

Seraphic W (ru) wrote: Needed way less Sheri Moon Zombie and way more Richard Brake -- then and only then would this have made it anywhere over the 2 star mark. Although still entertaining (if only for the ocassional mocking purpose) The Running Man is a far better alternative to this unstructured mess of pop gore and vulgar sensationalism.

Elie J (nl) wrote: i just lost 90 minutes of my life watching this movie for only 5 minutes of entertainment (my friend says 3)

Alexander T (jp) wrote: awsome fighting movie

Chris R (us) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid and I still enjoy it today. It's an 80's movie all the way and not to be taken too seriously, but it is enjoyable.

Michael W (de) wrote: Grim discovery by Texas Border Patrol includes $800,000 in cash and a skeleton with links to the Kennedy Assassination. A definite winner that exceeded my expectations. This movie sat around my house for over two years, I really should have watched it a lot sooner.

Jack P (it) wrote: a great rockumentary in which music fans alike will enjoy, this film shows compilations and clips of vintage who performances and interviews and shows the audience what the real "who" are like, very funny and very fulfilling. Who fans whould especially enjoy this obviously.

Russell H (us) wrote: Tom Cruise is usually pretty good. It had a lot of different things going for it. A lot of funny parts and I didn't realize a lot of familiar quotes come from this.

Ben V (au) wrote: A few funny moments. But to few to mention. Overall makes it easier to say what I felt about this movie with Bad in it's own title.

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