Moving Midway

Moving Midway

When New York film critic Godfrey Cheshire returns home to North Carolina in early 2004 and hears that his cousin Charlie Silver plans to uproot and move the buildings of Midway Plantation, their family’s ancestral home, an extraordinary, emotional journey begins.

At Christmas 2003, New York-based film critic Godfrey Cheshire is visiting his family in North Carolina when his cousin Charlie Silver tells him something startling. Charlie inherited ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles W (ru) wrote: Just saw this in a class. Fantastic, gripping movie about events that have much to do with the United States.

Marta R (br) wrote: This movie was pretty intense...

isaac c (de) wrote: Childhood favorite! More like a remake instead of a sequel though,this is vastly different than the first,this a lot more colorful and fun

Mark K (es) wrote: sometimes i feel for the characters but most of the time there annoying and painful to listen to. and theres just way to much sex to take this film seriously

Valentina K (mx) wrote: Didn't understand a word of it and was bored throughout.

Grant K (mx) wrote: Too rude, extremely low budget and finally inconsistent, this is definitely a first feature. Still, there a glimpses of the genius to come from Parker and Stone.

Matt K (es) wrote: A zany, looney, crazy, and extremely hilarious little "slice of life." Who's life? I can never know that.

Stephen B (kr) wrote: This movie is part of my childhood, I enjoy this movie when I was a Kid, wow that was alots fun

Olav B (ca) wrote: As they say in this very movie: "Bruce Lee is the prototype, the rest are all imitations." That is exactly what Fist of Fear is, a cheap imitation, consisting of a mash up of Bruce Lee footage, bad overdubbing, predictable exploitation scenes and hilariously inaccurate facts. But, hey, they didn't have Wikipedia in 1980...