• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Moyna 1978 full movies, Moyna torrents movie

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Andr D (it) wrote: "Get On Up", la pelcula sobre la vida del gran James Brown, se favorece gracias a una impresionante actuacin a cargo de Chadwick Boseman, que aunque no canta en la pelcula, se mueve, habla y acta como el mismo "Padrino del Soul". Spike Lee haba pensado alguna vez en hacerse cargo de este proyecto con Eddie Murphy como protagonista. Sin embargo, el proyecto cay en las manos del productor Mick Jagger (quien con su banda tuvo que cerrar alguna vez un acto de Brown) y del director Tate Taylor ("Winter's Bone", "The Help"). El resultado es ptimo, aunque no alcanza a abarcar una larga vida de activismo poltico, locura, sentido del perfeccionismo, maltrato, drogadiccin y mucha msica. Pero no importa, "Get On Up" es una gran pelcula sobre un gran artista.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: A good twist near the ending of this movie make you like this man ...certainly in this days !

Nuutti R (nl) wrote: For some odd reason I thought this might be a serious scifi film the likes of Aliens where there was a really cool samurai vs alien scene. This was just plain bad.

Jack P (jp) wrote: Another instalment to the resident evil film series, this film introduces classic video game characters such as chris redfield and the executioner as seen in resident evil 5. This film hardly follows the games but look past that and you have a pretty decent zombie series on your hands. Constant new bio weapons courtesy of umbrella corporation sees constant new monsters and zombies. Entertaining stuff.

Taija H (ru) wrote: Harmiton,hauska hmpp, jonka jaksaa katsoa useammankin kerran - ylenpalttisesta kreikkalaisuuden korostamisesta huolimatta. John Corbett on ihku (niinkuin Villiss Pohjolassa ja Sinkkuelmsskin).

Candace M (fr) wrote: What do you think ???

David L (us) wrote: Captain America: The First Avenger is very well made with a different and interesting time period for Marvel, solid characters, some very good lines, a solid villain and the first half is very entertaining, but the second half is boring and the film is ultimately a forgettable MCU entry owing to its typical origin story and very uninspired action sequences.

Joe A (ca) wrote: Yes, the script wasn't that great, but the English character alone is fun and reason enough to watch.

D Z (de) wrote: A sleek, sneaky and fast-paced thriller that will leave your pulses racing long after it's over. It's that good!