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Mira Mohd S (ag) wrote: Not as flourishing as its prequel..but Tigmanshu Dalia brings out another raw chapter into the royal family...

Chris H (it) wrote: Yah, im a liberal and I also think bush sucks but moving to not soooo much....thank god we have Obama now!

John B (br) wrote: In the hands of Carter and Eckhart, this story about an affair is lush and full of the mixed chemistry associated with two people who are drawn to each other and repulsed due to emotional baggage. Fantastic work.

Jesse T (gb) wrote: That this tale of family woe, resembling the stuff of Greek tragedy, actually happened makes the film absolutely devastating on a certain level.

Dylan F (au) wrote: My favorite thriller of all time. Simple as that

Civona Q (us) wrote: One of my absolute favorite movie classics! Reminds me of The Twilight Zone...

Angie R (de) wrote: What can I say but they killedit my brother and where's my bitches

Michael A (ru) wrote: An affair with a a different twist of Romeo and Juliet! Too common? Is that the reason why this movie didn't even reach 1M in gross receipts? Hmmm.....

Bahram K (es) wrote: A beautiful movie to behold, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" features both a well-constructed story and action to entertain, making it one of Ang Lees best.