Mr. Bechara

Mr. Bechara

MR. BECHERA (Anil Kapoor) is a shy printer and, since the passing of his wife, a single father to his infant son--but his quiet life is shattered by the schemes of Dr. Dayanand (the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis M (fr) wrote: Sadly, nothing new to see here...very cliche.

Kristal C (ag) wrote: Not as good or as genuine as Julie Davis' "Amy's O", this (I'm assuming) autobiographical film is just really awkward and surface-y in terms of what it's trying to say about love and sex, and the same goes for the unoriginal and corny take on the porn industry. Love Kristen Johnston though, she needs to get way more work.

Arjuna R (jp) wrote: I've heard from many people that this movie is hilarious.

Frank J (de) wrote: En tant qu'crivain apprenti, a me touche davantage. Cette dmonstration de pathticit humaine, c'est poignant, c'est tranchant, c'est enivrant. Chinaski a une telle perception de la vie, un tel abysse ouvert sous ses pieds qu'on s'y laisse nonobstant aspirer... Et bon Dieu que a fait peur.

David S (kr) wrote: This was beautiful. I watched it in 11/08 and I loved the colors, the film, the story, the history, and that it was a scandal story. Every country has them. So, i don't feel bad having not seen Dangerous Liaisons (not that i can remember). If a story kernel can be taken from one country and applied to a writer's own, and if that writer can pull it off, then i see no urge for me to pay homage to a source. As long as it is as easy to replicate as "School kid has to stand up to schoolyard bully"...Anyway, i was surprised, and made to feel sympathy for various characters. This film also made me feel memories of King and the Clown (AKA, "The King's Man" in Asia, but not marketed as such in the US...)

Orlok W (us) wrote: See it for its visual qualities and forgive the melodrama and pretentiousness!!

Dave J (br) wrote: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 (2013) 13 Eerie HORROR "What a load of crap!" for the idea must have from a couple of college students looking for some quick cash. It regards a small group of college teens being sent to an abandoned/ empty prison ground called "13 Eerie" to get college credits as forensic students. The instructor places decomposed bodies around the area for it's students unbeknownst that it was also a toxic chemical site which according to the movie used to be experimented on prisoners. If people were to see this, makes one to wonder what was the reason these other decomposed bodies hadn't been gathered up yet and are left lying on the ground. Anyways as a result of leaving these other toxic bodies lying around, they conveniently get up on their own attacking the group- at that particular time too. this film is intended for viewers who are able to ignore logic to see a horror film and just see the never-before-seen gore scenes. Bomb

Jonathan L (gb) wrote: The last hour of this movie is etched in my skull.Amistad begins like any other courtroom drama. Much like in A Few Good Men the movie begins with the main crime and the rest of the movie is spent determining whether the culprits are innocent or guilty. Amistad could have easily turned into a typical judicial thriller had it not been in the right hands. But Stephen Spielberg channels the same compelling style he used for Schindler's List and has crafted one of the best movies of 1997!Amistad is almost POV altering in its depiction of slavery. This movie is the Schindler's List equivalent of slavery. Especially in the final hour, which contains enough disturbing footage and powerful moments to fill the entire three and a half hour time slot of Schindler's List.To compliment the film's grandness is it's utterly flawless acting. Amistad introduced the world to the acting talents of Djimon Hounsou, who was not only catapulted into instant stardom from this movie, but he delivers a truly intense performance. One look in his eyes and you instantly see what this character is going through. A truly remarkable performance from a very talented actor. The rest of the principal cast consists of Mathew McConaughey, who delivers his first great performance. Morgan Freeman is also really good in his role. But Anthony Hopkins delivers the best performance as John Quincy Adams himself. Every nuance, every expression, every line delivery, and every everything about Hopkins's performance is his usual unparalleled greatness.Amistad is a great movie! One that has been overlooked in the years since it's release. The movie is beautifully made and filled with intense imagery. Definitely for mature audiences.See It!

Carly D (jp) wrote: Johnny Depp in Victorian London? Maybe worth it.

Christopher E (it) wrote: A story of true courage, "Lone Survivor" is a beautifully crafted and gritty war film that will leave you stunned.The true story of four Navy Seals who embark on a mission to infiltrate and eliminate a high valued Taliban target. However, when their op is compromised, they are left with a moral dilemma which will put them in the most bloodiest firefight of their lives. To start out, this may be one of my most favorite war films out there. It's so gritty and realistic in so many ways and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. The cinematography looks amazing and the visuals are so realistic that it can be disturbing on multiple occasions. This is an amazing tribute to the men who went through this and it also opens up new perspectives to its audiences. This is an overlooked and underrated war film that deserves a lot of praise.First off, the cinematography was actually really gorgeous. The landscapes and the scenery all added to the film and it just helped put you in this certain state of mind that would help you fall into the movie. Everything from the visuals to the firefights looked completely phenomenal. Whenever the fighting went down, there wasn't a whole bunch of music blaring or firework explosions everywhere (cough, cough, Michael Bay) but rather, blood was being spilled and men were getting shot. It was real and it was gritty and it will cause some people to look away from the screen in shock. In my opinion, that is the best way to pay tribute to what these men suffered and it makes for some grueling minutes.Although they often struggle with character development, I personally found myself attached to the characters. This is one of those films where if you watch it multiple times, you find yourself growing attached to the characters at hand. However, for first time viewers, they won't be able to develop much relation to the characters on screen, which creates a problem when their lives are in peril. It makes an attempt at character development, however, it just falls short. Still, realizing what these men went through and watching their pictures come up on screen at the end is enough for me to respect what they went through and I wish nothing but the best for the real people involved in this situation.I also praise the director and the talent in this film. There was a clear, unified vision here and everyone knew the story that needed to be told. You could see exactly how the director wanted to shoot and tell the story and I love seeing that clear goal in mind. The actors here also brought out the realism, which is something most of us will take for granted. None of them will win an Oscar by any means, but they all fulfilled their roles well and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to create the film.Besides the breathtaking firefights and the beautiful cinematography, my favorite thing about the movie was the fact that they added a whole new perspective to the war genre. It's easy to make a war film showing the sides of the Americans and how we're completely good and always right in a patriotic manner, but it's another thing to sympathize with people on the other side. With terrorist groups like the Taliban, their reign of terror is so large that it creates this one central image in the eyes of the public, only fueling racism and hate even more. However, this film showed that most people living on that side of the world want nothing to do with these terrorists and will fight against them. That was showed in this movie and it's so amazing to see that. It shows you that the terrorists are one small part of a large nation and that there are many great people over there. It's proof as to why people shouldn't discriminate or hate against other races.In the end, I truly loved this movie and it becomes a better experience each time I watch it. I recommend this movie to any war fans and I promise that you'll love it.

Tatsuhito K (br) wrote: Here are the things I liked about The Transporter: Jason Statham (who does most of his stunts and make a likable protagonist, who can really kick ass); the cinematography (there were some sleek camerawork and thank god, no shaky cam during the fight sequences); and finally, and the first half of the film (action-packed, fast-paced, and just simply fun to watch).Here are the things I didn't like about the film; the Chinese heroine (and her bad acting, a.k.a. screaming like an idiot, and poor English speaking skills); incoherent storytelling; the main villain (who kind of looks like Paul Walker with a pervy mustache), the obligatory sex scene between the main characters (ugh); and the second half of the film (as soon as the bad acting kicked in, I didn't care anything about this damn movie). The Transporter delivers the kinetic thrills you expect from any action film, but everything else is forgettable and plain disposable.

John W (br) wrote: Not great, but not bad. Decent movie that moves along pretty well. Dialogue is better than your typical "B" movie and the girls are cute (with a good amount of expected, gratuitous nudity). They had a novel version of the vampire origin myth; but for purists, they mess with the established lore too much. Again, not great, but not bad. It's been done better, but you have surely seen worse.